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As far as we are concerned – an outdoor broom is a garden essential. Whether you have a small courtyard or a large garden, without an outdoor broom you aren’t going to be able to clean up the large amounts of dirt and debris that build up in all the spaces of your garden! Not just this, but if you are regularly working on an allotment or yard you will definitely find yourself needing an outdoor broom too!

You would think that purchasing an outdoor broom would be easy – but actually there are so many to choose from, with different materials and bristle strengths to consider, it can actually be much harder than you think! Here are some of the best outdoor brooms that we have found…

Best Pick – Masthome Serfance Push Broom

Masthome Garden Broom Outdoor, 63cm Large Yard Brush Heavy Duty Outdoor, Heavy Duty Yard Brush with Stiff Bristles & Metal Handle for Patio Garden Deck Cleaning
  • 【Clean Large Surface】:The garden broom with 24.8in/63cm widen broom head and stiff bristles that reduces sweeping fatigue and clean efficiently.This large garden broom is great for garages, sidewalks, decks and other outdoor surfaces.
  • 【Durable】:The yard brush consists of 3 sections of stainless steel poles.It is not easy to rust and strong.
  • 【45° Angled Brush Head】:The outdoor brooms with 45°angled brush head, suitable for cleaning some corners and tight places. The outdoor sweeping brush features soft outer bristles and stiff inner bristles.
  • 【Anti-rotation Snap】:The large yard brush heavy duty outdoor features anti-rotation snap design that makes the head will not rotate and fall off. Disassembly and installation are very easy.
  • 【Easy to Storage】:Each broom outdoor is fitted with handle storage clips and hanging hole for easy storage, so you can hang it vertically wherever you please.

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In A Hurry?

If you have only just realised how important it is that you own an outdoor broom, or maybe your beloved broom has finally decided it can go on no more, whatever the reason you are in a hurry – we are here to help. Here are the main features you need to look for when buying an outdoor broom, plus out favourites at the moment. 

The Handle 

The handle of your outdoor broom needs to be strong enough to withstand whatever it is throwing your way. You normally have a choice of handles made out of plastic, wood, metal or fibreglass. 

Plastic is going to be your cheapest and lightest option, plus it is relatively weather-proof and will be rust free. However, the fact that this material is so light can make it slightly less hardy, so if you are going to be using your broom regularly you may need a stronger material. 

Your next option up is either wood or metal. Both are stronger, heavier materials so you have the benefit of them being more durable when working on harder jobs, although this does also increase fatigue when you are working. You do have to make sure to watch out for wood rotting and steel beginning to rust, but this can be avoided providing you look after your outdoor broom properly. Aluminium is probably going to be your best bet if you are wanting a metal handle as this will be more durable and rust free. 

Finally, there is fibreglass. Fibreglass appears to have it all…its light, yet strong and also rust free. However, there is going to be a more expensive price tag that goes with it. Plus, fibreglass can become brittle if exposed to the elements for extended periods of time, which can lead to breakage. So if you know that you are using your outdoor broom regularly but can also keep it locked away safe inside when not being used then this could be a good option for you. 

TOP TIP: If you decide to go for a metal handle then it is worth checking whether the material has been powder-coated. This is going to offer an extra level of protection and help to reduce the chance of rust. 

The length of the outdoor broom that you go for is going to be dependent on the handle. The perfect length broom is going to be just higher than your chin when standing up against the floor. This is normally around 70 inches for an “average height” person but there are a range of heights available for if you need a different height. Make sure to check for this as a broom that is too tall is going to be difficult to control effectively and a broom that is too short could cause back pain. 

The Head

The head of your outdoor broom is going to be important as you need to consider the size and the shape that you are looking at. If you are working in more open spaces then you can probably get away with a wide-head brush as this is going to get the job done so much quicker. However, they are SO wide that they can make it difficult to get into smaller spaces or nooks that you may have in your garden. Finding a balance is going to be important, or if you have many larger spaces but also some small areas you may be better actually going for two brushes! We would say that an average head width is around 16 inches, so this helps you to compare and know what you are looking for. 

As for the materials, it is relatively similar to the handle materials in that you will have a choice of plastic, wood or metal. Obviously we have already gone into detail on the benefits of the different materials, but we would mention that that the head of your broom is going to be closer to the floor and therefore closer to the dirt, debris and potential water that you are going to be working near. This means that it is going to be much more exposed to the elements that cause rot, rust and general wear! This means that it is even more important to choose a reliable and strong material that can be easily maintained. 

On almost ALL outdoor brooms you are going to find a head and handle that are joined together at the base. We would recommend looking for screw in models as these will be much longer lasting that screw in handles. This also has the benefit of you being able to just replace the head of the broom when this becomes worn rather than having to replace the whole broom – saving you time and money in the long run. 

TOP TIP: One thing we would recommend is making sure the joint where the handle meets the head is reinforced. Opting for connections that are made from just one material type, such as plastic or wood, can lead to the grooves becoming rounded over time. 

The Bristles

The bristles on your outdoor broom are actually one of the most important parts of the tool, as they are basically going to determine how hard or easy your life is when you are sweeping. The more often you are planning on using your broom, the more important the bristles are going to be. 

Most bristles are going to be made from synthetic fibres, which will allow you a variety of different styles. Whether you are wanting a soft brush or a harder bristle, there will be synthetic fibres to suit what you are looking for. A stiff bristle is going to be much easier to remove smaller and larger pieces of debris in and around your garden. However, one thing that we do like about softer bristles is that they are better for a quick surface sweep if you are in a rush, as you will be able to get a faster sweeping motion. However, this isn’t going to be suitable for a perfect job so anyone that is wanting an immaculate garden – look out for stiffer bristles (which can normally be achieved better with synthetic or nylon fibres). 

Some of the best outdoor brooms actually have a combination of harder inner bristles and softer outer bristles so that you have the best of both worlds when you are sweeping.

Overall Design 

It is worth mentioning that different manufacturers have created different design features to try and make their outdoor brooms stand out from the crowd. Some of these features are going to make your lives a lot easier when you are sweeping so are worth considering. 

  • Angled head – Choosing an outdoor broom with an angled head is going to make it easier to sweep without having to adjust your own posture so this can help to reduce back pain and discomfort when you are sweeping. However remember this will impact on the direction you can sweep in. 
  • Steel joint surround – We love models that have a larger steel base where the handle joins the head. This will really help to reduce the chance of the joint becoming worn, which is one of the main problems you will find with your brush over time. 
  • Hooked handle top – If storing your outdoor broom is important then look out for models that come with a handle on the top as this will mean they can be hooked on the wall. This also helps to reduce the pressure on the bristles over time. 
  • Bristle positions – Look at the position of the bristles on the head of the broom. Bristles that are angled will help with the sweeping position if you are sweeping in one direction, but if you are wanting to sweep in various directions you need to look out for an outdoor broom that has more vertical bristles as these will be more flexible in the direction you can sweep. 
  • Weight – Look at the weight of your outdoor broom, more heavy-duty brooms are going to be heavier but more durable. Lighter brooms tend to be made from plastic or lighter metals. 

Best Budget – TDBS Outdoor Sweeping Brush

10” Garden Broom Outdoor with Wooden Handle Natural Stiff Bassine Hard Bristle Broom Yard Brush Heavy Duty Broom Outdoor Stiff Sweeping Yard Brush by The Dustpan and Brush Store
  • Versatile Heavy Duty Outdoor Broom - The 10 inch heavy duty stiff broom with natural bassine bristles can withstand the toughest jobs for outdoor cleaning. Whether you need to clean up your garden, patio, decking, pathways, or driveways, this yard brush heavy duty outdoor broom is versatile enough to handle it all. The natural bassine bristles are tough and durable, making them perfect for removing garden waste.
  • Easy to Assemble - The bassine garden broom outdoor brush is designed for hassle-free assembly. With the handle supplied with nails, the yard broom outdoor heavy duty brush requires minimal effort to attach the handle to the broom head, allowing you to start using this outside broom in no time. Say goodbye to complicated setup and hello to quick and easy assembly of 10" bassine wooden broom.
  • Durable Long Wooden Broom Handle - The 120cm long handle on this outdoor yard broom deck brush makes it easy to use. Perfect for sweeping large outdoor areas. With this garden brush heavy duty outdoor broom you can sweep away debris and dirt without straining your back or bending over. This makes it a great outdoor yard brush for those who want to get their outdoor cleaning done quickly and efficiently.
  • Premium Natural Bassine Bristle - The garden brush outdoor broom features stiff natural bassine bristles that are tough, durable, and perfect for removing dirt and debris from outdoor surfaces without damaging them. These hard brush bristles are perfect for sweeping away leaves, twigs, and other debris from your garden or patio. Furthermore, the natural bassine bristles on this outdoor brush heavy duty broom are well-suited for use in wet or dry conditions.
  • Stiff Brush for Wet or Dry Use - This stiff broom outdoor brush is designed to be used in both wet and dry conditions. This means that you can use it to clean up everything from dry leaves and debris to wet mud and dirt. Whether you need to sweep away dry leaves in the fall or clean up a muddy pathway after a heavy rain, this sweeping brush outdoor broom has got you covered.

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The Best of Brooms 

If you are serious about purchasing the best outdoor broom then there are some extra features that you need to think about before you buy. These will not only help your outdoor broom to last longer, making it better value for money, but will also make your life so much easier when you are working. 

  • Anti-rotation locking systems – Anyone who has used an outdoor brush before will know the frustration of a brush that starts to loosen from the head over time. Some brush manufacturers have taken this into consideration and have designed a brush that locks into place so that it won’t come undone when put under pressure. 
  • Comfort grip – Whatever material you choose for your handle, it is important to make sure that you have a comfort grip attached. Some of the best outdoor brooms are going to come with one strip of grip whereas others are going to come with two, so that BOTH hands can be comfortable whilst you are sweeping. Look out for a grip made from foam or rubber that is going to reduce fatigue and help to avoid calluses developing when you are sweeping. 
  • Beamed – The best outdoor brooms will have an additional beamed structure joining the bottom of the handle to the head of the broom. This helps to spread the impact and pressure that is exerted on the brush so that the main joint will not become worn and damaged as easily. 
  • Adjustable handle – Some outdoor brooms come with adjustable handle lengths. This is great for if you are needing to take your broom from one place to another as they will be more portable. Not just this but if you are needing a shorter handle then this will allow you to adjust the handle to the right height for you. Just bear in mind that these won’t normally have the same strength as other handles so if you are completing some heavy duty jobs then they may struggle. 

Best of the Rest

Stiff Garden Sweeping Brush Outdoor Broom 10 Inch Wide Natural Bassine Hard Bristle Sweeper with Wooden Head and Screw Fit Metal Handle Clean and Sweep Your Garden Path Yard Driveway & Outdoor Areas
  • ✔ NO MORE MESS - This stiff bristle broom is perfect for outdoor sweeping. Quickly and efficiently clean pathways and driveways - The stiff natural bristles make it perfect for sweeping up muck, moss and other garden waste!
  • ✔ STRONG - The broom features a screw thread metal handle. Strong tubular design means the handle won't flex or give you splinters like the wooden alternative. The screw thread also gives a strong connection between the handle and then head, simply twisting and locking in place!
  • ✔ DURABLE - The natural bassine bristles are perfect for sweeping on all hard ground, making it perfect for outdoor areas. The wooden stock is formed from one piece of wood and then fitted with a reinforced plastic bracket, It then easily connects to the handle. The strong metal handle is then coated to protect it from rust and give the product a good life span.
  • ✔ SAVE TIME - Why put up with sub standard brooms and brushes - This broom features upgrades and many design features the cheaper end of the market does not - Even a simple hanging eye at the end of the handle so you can easily store the broom when not in use.
  • ✓ LEADING BRAND - Designed by The Dustpan and Brush Store with the end user in mind

Last update on 2024-04-23 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Last update on 2024-04-23 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Floor Scrub Brush with Adjustable Long Handle - 51 inches, Stiff Bristles, Indoor Outdoor Broom for Cleaning Bathroom, Kitchen, Patio, Tile, Wall, Grout, Wood Floor, Carpet
  • Right-Stiffness Bristles help remove dust, dirt, grease, spot from various surfaces like tiles, grouts, wood floors, carpet, etc.
  • Comes with 3 Sections of poles. Easily assemble and connect so firmly. Flexibly adjust its length to 16.5 / 33.5 / 49.6 inches. Convenient to use.
  • Brush Head - 45 degrees, ergonomic angled design. Easy to reach corners and cracks without bending or kneeling down. Save your back! Save your knees!
  • Indoor and Outdoor applicable. One brush tackles all housework. Cleans kitchen, bathroom, wall, patio, garage, sidewalk, stadium, etc.
  • Screw threads fits each other and stay secure. Stainless Steel Strong Handles will never rust, ensuring long-term use. Easy to hang for storage.

Last update on 2024-04-23 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions 

How should I maintain my outdoor broom?

It is really important to maintain your outdoor broom effectively – particularly if you are wanting it to last and keep sweeping perfectly. We would recommend making sure to hose or clean down the bristles and head of your broom after each use to ensure that dirt and debris doesn’t remain sat on your broom for extended periods of time as this could damage the materials. We would also recommend making sure to remove any bigger pieces of dirt from the bristles as these can become stuck and then actually be a magnet for other pieces of debris too! 

What warranty comes with an outdoor broom? 

There are many outdoor brooms that actually don’t come with a warranty so this is important to check for if you are wanting a broom that is going to last. We did find some though that came with up to a 5 year warranty, which is a good sign that the broom is going to be longer lasting and made from more durable materials.

Can you replace the head of an outdoor broom?

Yes! Almost all outdoor brooms will come with a way to replace the head of the broom. This is the best way to get good value for money when the bristles become worn from all the work! However, some models will come connected so this is always worth checking for.

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