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Best Motorised Lawnmower

Whether you have a medium to large sized garden, an allotment or even a yard – a wheelbarrow is going to be an essential part of your kit! It may even be that you are using your wheelbarrow for commercial use, such as on building sites, home renovations or as part of your farm work. But maybe you are wanting to upgrade your wheelbarrow to something with a little more oomph – so why not consider one of the best motorised wheelbarrows?

A standard wheelbarrow is all very well and good for moving grass cuttings, garden debris, yard waste and even rubble, but it can be hard work pushing the wheelbarrow from A to B – especially if it gets particularly heavy! Not only that, it can be pure torture for anyone that suffers from back pain or wrist pain when you are trying to get the wheelbarrow to where it needs to be. Motorised wheelbarrows are going to offer all the benefits of a standard wheelbarrow, but the powered wheels mean that the amount of effort you have to put in is greatly reduced.

They come in a range of shapes and sizes, depending on exactly what you need it for, and some are powered by petrol whereas others are electric. We have checked out some of the best motorised wheelbarrows to help you find a model that will be right for you.

Best Pick – Hyundai HYTD500

Hyundai 196cc Petrol 500kg Payload Tracked Mini Dumper/Power Barrow/Transporter, 3 Forward And One Reverse Gear, Hydraulic Tipping Mechanism, 3 Year Warranty
  • Hyundai petrol tracked mini dumper: Saves you time and effort in comparison to making many trips with a wheelbarrow
  • Easily handles loads of up to 500kg: Perfect for construction, agricultural, landscaping and garden use
  • 196cc 6.5hp petrol engine: Able to carry the heaviest and most awkward of materials
  • All-terrain rubber tracks: Able to handle up to 20 degree inclines
  • 3 forward and one reverse gear operation: Easy to move around when turning or even when working on slopes

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In A Hurry? 

There is nothing worse than having a wheelbarrow that is getting stuck in the mud, or the frustration of attempting to push your full wheelbarrow uphill and fighting a losing battle! We understand your frustration and why this might make you in a hurry to purchase the best motorised wheelbarrow, so here is all the essential information that you need. 

Motorised Wheelbarrow Engine Type 

By far the first thing that you need to think about is the type of engine that comes with your motorised wheelbarrow. The two options that you are going to have are electric models or petrol models. 

The smaller, slightly less powerful options are going to be electric motorised wheelbarrows. Although these are going to offer a little less power and strength to get up the steepest of hills, they are going to have the benefit of being cheaper, quieter and easier to run. Electric models will run on a battery which can be recharged regularly. You will usually find that charging your battery overnight will give you more than enough power to get through most jobs (depending on the jobs that you are completing and how long you are actually working for of course). If you know that you are needing a particularly powerful model then look out for a 24V battery, rather than a 12V battery, which is going to be more powerful and last for up to 5 hours continuous work. 

If you are working in areas of steeper incline, with heavier objects, or just want a wheelbarrow that is going to be able to go all day then it may be that a petrol model is going to be better for you. These are going to be more costly, both in the initial purchase and the daily running of the machine, but there are many pros that make this expense worthwhile. They will be able to offer you additional power which makes them longer lasting and more versatile in the jobs and areas that they can work in. It is worth mentioning that petrol models are going to be louder than electric models by quite a bit, so if you are bothered about the sound level then this is something to consider. 

NOTE: Don’t forget that petrol motorised wheelbarrows, like any petrol machinery, are going to need quite a bit of maintenance. They will need oil changes, spark plug changes and other general maintenance. If you are used to petrol tools then this may not be an issue but it is worth considering if you are new to petrol powered tools! 

Capacity, Weight and Load 

One of the most essential factors to consider when choosing a motorised wheelbarrow is the capacity and load that they are going to be able to carry! There is no point opting for a machine that isn’t going to be up to the task. This can normally be determined by looking at the maximum load of your motorised wheelbarrow. We found that this tends to start at around 100kg going up to a massive 500kg depending on the model! The only thing that you do need to remember is that even if your wheelbarrow has a maximum load of 500kg, this is going to be dependent on its ability to work on an incline as well. So if you purchase a wheelbarrow that struggles at inclines of over 30%, you could find it only being able to carry a much lighter load at gradients higher than this. 

You also need to think about the actual weight of the wheelbarrow itself – because although the engine is going to be doing the work of propelling the wheelbarrow forward, for many models you are still going to have to have some input in lifting the wheelbarrow and maneuvering it. Most motorised wheelbarrows range from around 50kg up to 100kg – with petrol models being on the heavier end. This is definitely worth considering as you could find yourself having to work with around 600kg of weight! 

Finally, you need to check the capacity of your motorised wheelbarrow with the tub that it comes with. This is going to focus less on weight and more on the amount of “stuff” that you are going to fill in your wheelbarrow. For heavier loads you may find that your wheelbarrow is never full but for lighter yet bigger loads, the maximum capacity is going to impact on how quickly you can work. 

Specific Motorised Wheelbarrow Features

Here are some of the features specific to motorised models that you need to look out for if you are wanting the best machine you can find! 

  • Gradient – The gradient is the incline that your wheelbarrow is going to have the power to push up. The maximum that you are going to find is around 45% but the most common that you are going to find is around 30%. 
  • Adjustable speed – Some of the best motorised wheelbarrows come with gears and adjustable speeds so that you have better control of your wheelbarrow when you are working. 
  • Start – Always look at how to start your motorised wheelbarrow. Some will come with an electric start so you simply have to press a button, whereas others are going to come with a manual start which can be temperamental depending on the design. 
  • Powered tip – Anyone that is used to moving heavier objects will know that half the battle is in tipping the wheelbarrow to empty the contents. Some of the best motorised wheelbarrows come with hydraulic tipping features to reduce the effort that you have to put into lifting the tub.
  • Driving – Make sure to actually check how easy the motorised wheelbarrow is going to be to use. Look at the quality of the brakes, the controls and the positioning of the gears etc. 

Best Budget – Greenworks Akku wheelbarrow

Greenworks G40GC Self-Propelled Cordless Electric Garden Cart, 100kg Weight Capacity, 106L, Easy Tipping Function, WITHOUT 40V Battery & Charger, 3 Year Guarantee
  • MOVE HEAVY LOADS WITHOUT PUSHING - press the safety button to start the motor and turn the throttle to adjust the speed, from very slow to a comfortable walking pace - perfect for big garden projects
  • ASSISTED UNLOADING WITH HYDRAULIC POWER - a smooth, heavy duty piston lets you empty the cart quickly and safely, even with heavy loads, whilst the strong motor and large wheels tackle slopes with ease for excellent performance on uneven ground
  • VARIABLE SPEED WITH SAFETY CUT FUNCTIONS - two speed settings and a handy reversing function make it easy to control and for total peace of mind, the cart will only work when the security key is in to prevent accidental start-ups
  • USE WITH ANY GREENWORKS 40V BATTERY - this is a special 'tool only' package that comes without a battery, so if you already own a Greenworks 40V tool you can use the same battery to save space, cut costs and reduce waste
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE – by Greenworks, a world leader in electric tools and battery technology, with a global reputation for smart design, high performance and outstanding customer service

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What Extra Features To Look For….

Now that you have decided on the size and type of motorised wheelbarrow that is going to be right for you, here are some of the additional features that we personally feel are important to consider before you buy. 

Wheelbarrow Design 

The actual basic design of the wheelbarrow is a lot more important than you may think. As with a standard wheelbarrow, here are the essentials to consider:

  • Size and shape – This is essential if you are wanting to maximise the capacity that your wheelbarrow can carry whilst reducing on bulk so that you can access all areas of your work space. Also look out for wheelbarrows with a deep tub that curves or tapers at the front. This will allow you to carry as much as possible whilst making it easy to tip in one set position when you are ready. 
  • Push or pull design – A traditional wheelbarrow is going to be designed for you to push it in the direction that you are wanting, however some models are designed to move behind you which arguably causes less strain but can be more difficult to maneuver. 

Caterpillar Tracks or Traditional Wheels? 

Motorised wheelbarrows are going to be different from standard wheelbarrows in that you will have a choice as to whether you opt for wheels or not. Your other choice will be caterpillar tracks – like you would find on more heavy-duty machinery. 

If you are relatively new to bigger tools, then it may be that wheels are the way to go, as these are the more traditional choice and are going to offer you more maneuverability from your wheelbarrow. Not only this, but if one of the tyres goes flat or needs repairing then this is going to be much cheaper and easier to sort yourself. You may also find, depending on what you are using your motorised wheelbarrow for, that a wheeled model is your only option for the area that you are working. For example, a lot of yard work will involve moving up and down a ramp, which will be impossible with a caterpillar track! 

However, if you are wanting a seriously powerful tool that is going to be up to higher level tasks then it may be that caterpillar tracks are going to be the right option for you. You will see caterpillar tracks used on heavy-duty machinery on building sites – and with good reason! The spread of surface area over the tracks make the machines much more stable on uneven, muddy or higher gradient terrains….and the same applies for motorised wheelbarrows. We admit that they are going to need more maintenance and repairs are definitely going to be more costly – but if you know that a wheeled model is going to struggle where you are working then they are definitely the right option for you! 

Whether you opt for a motorised wheelbarrow with wheels or with caterpillar tracks, make sure to check the thickness of the materials themselves and also the treads. The thicker the tread the more grip they are going to be able to get over difficult ground! 

TOP TIP: If you are looking for a motorised wheelbarrow with wheels then make sure to consider the number of wheels that you want. A model with 4 wheels is going to be much more stable, particularly when you are working on more challenging ground, but 2 and 3 wheel models are going to be easier to move around tighter spaces when you are working. 

The Best of The Best! 

  • Four wheel drive – You won’t find many motorised wheelbarrows offering four wheel drive but there are some out there, so if you know the ground you are working on is particularly steep or uneven then this could definitely be worth investing in.
  • Additional Attachments – Some motorised wheelbarrows can actually do more than just that! They will come with tow bars which will allow you to add a range of attachments including trailers, blades and snow plows. These will come at an additional cost but are definitely worth considering. 
  • Removable/adjustable trays – The tray (or tank) of your wheelbarrow is going to determine what you can actually move around. Some of the best motorised wheelbarrows come with trays that can be removed/adapted/replaced with different fittings to accommodate different materials and even liquids.

Best of the Rest

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Hyundai Power Barrow/Mini Dumper, 196cc, 6.5hp, 4-Wheel Drive, 500kg Payload Wheelbarrow with 3 Forward and 1 Reverse Gear & 3 Year Warranty
  • Has a powerful 196cc / 6.5hp Hyundai OHV petrol engine: Saves you time and effort
  • Convenient 4x4 drive system and 3 forward and one reverse gear operation
  • This garden wheelbarrow has climbing ability of up to 20 degree inclines
  • Ideal for construction, agricultural, landscaping, & garden
  • 6 large pneumatic off-road tyres: Able to handle up to 20 degree inclines

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Wanting to compare the best motorised wheelbarrow to some standard wheelbarrows so that you can get a better idea of if they are going to be right for you? Here is our article with some of the best garden wheelbarrows.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do motorised wheelbarrows come with a guarantee? 

Yes! All motorised wheelbarrows should come with a guarantee – particularly as they are more heavy-duty machines. We found that warranties started at around 3 years up to around 15 years. Don’t forget to check what is actually covered under the warranty, particularly with petrol models, where you will normally find that filters and spark plugs aren’t covered. 

How should I look after my motorised wheelbarrow? 

The first thing that you need to remember with a motorised wheelbarrow is to keep it clean – this is essential if you are wanting to avoid parts seizing up and rust forming. If you opt for a petrol model then you also need to consider making sure that you replace the oil, filters and spark plugs occasionally.

Are motorised wheelbarrows battery powered?

Some motorised wheelbarrows are battery powered, so will just need charging every few days for them to run successfully. Other motorised wheelbarrows are actually run using fuel, so they will need filling with a small amount of petrol like you would a car. These models normally offer more power but are also more expensive.

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