Best Indoor Water Feature 2024

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Wanting to add a little relaxation and calm to your home – we think the best way to do that is with an indoor water feature. There is something so relaxing about sitting near running water, whether this be a stream, the beach of just a water feature. Indoor water features are smaller than most water features and are completely self contained – this means that they can be positioned pretty much anywhere in your home!

There are loads of designs to choose from – with natural looking models or modern designs – so really it just comes down to exactly what you are looking for!

Best Pick – Feng Shui Zen Water Fountain

Zen Water Fountain,indoor Water Feature,small Tabletop Water Fountain With Led Light,feng Shui Office Room Decoration Buddha A 28.7inch
  • A Simple And Modern Indoor Water Fountain Made Of Ceramics,Which Can Be Used As A Lucky Decoration In Homes And Offices
  • The Zen Dao Fountain Offers You A Waterfall And Buddha Statue This Fountain Will Add A Zen Touch To Your Decoration.harmonious And Elegant,The Dao Fountain Reflects Serenity
  • DECOR WITH LED Lighting-this Led-lit Waterfall Fountain Is Truly An Ideal Blend Of Contemporary Modern Design,Zen Elements,And Natural Charm,And It Offers The Tranquil And Meditative Sounds Of Running Waters For A Calming Ambiance
  • STYLISH DECORATION - A Decoration For Living Room Table Or Office Desk,Light Weight And Easily Position.the Indoor Fountain Is A Stylish Home Décor That Adds Value To Any Space And Will Surely Surprise Your Guests
  • Housewarming & Opening,Etc.use This Decoration As A Gift,Creative And Novel,Generous

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In A Hurry?

If you are anything like us, then when you decide you want something you want it NOW! If that sounds familiar and you are in a hurry to get buying the best indoor water feature then this is the part of the article for you. Filled with all the essential information that you need – and quick! 


Obviously one of the first things that you need to think about when looking to purchase an indoor water feature is the design that you are going to want. There are many to choose from depending on whether you are wanting something more traditional and natural, or something more modern. This really depends on the style of your home and the room that you are looking at purchasing your water feature for. Many people opt to have them in a conservatory, in which case you may find it more fitting to go for a natural design that is going to bring the outdoors in. 

TOP TIP: If you are looking for a more natural design then look out for models with features such as moss, flowers or “scratches” in the materials. These will really help your indoor water feature to blend in and remove that new, polished look that you don’t really want with natural looking water features. 

When looking at the design of your indoor water feature, make sure to also consider the size that is going to be suitable for you and your room. Smaller models are around 20-40cm in diameter, so will sit comfortably on a side table in your room of choice. These are great for the sound effects they will add to the room and make a perfect small corner feature. Larger models can be upwards of 80cm in diameter, with some close to a metre – these will also be taller so will be better sat on the floor in a room of your choice. 

When thinking about the size of your indoor water feature, you also need to consider the amount of water that it is going to hold. A larger basin is obviously going to require more water, which will then need more power to circulate successfully and more maintenance and cleaning. Not only this, but a larger water content is going to be heavier and therefore need more 

TOP TIP: When considering the size of the indoor water feature that you are looking for, remember to consider that you don’t want any of your other furniture touching or even too close to the water feature itself. Although there shouldn’t be too much splashback on indoor water features, there is always the chance of this and that could really damage soft furnishings or wooden furniture over time.

Build Material

The main materials that you will find your indoor water feature made from are plastic and metal. As a general rule, we would never recommend one that is entirely made from plastic, as this is going to be potentially too light and less durable than metal models. However, finding models with some parts that are made from plastic isn’t a problem as it is going to be lighter and easier to move around. Indoor water features that are made out of metal are going to be much more durable and able to cope with the constant flow and holding of water which is essential. This is usually going to be iron. 

You will also find some indoor water features that are made out of different types of polyresin. This is going to offer you a “best of both worlds” being more durable and stronger than plastic, but lighter and more “indoor friendly” than metal. 

TOP TIP: If the indoor water feature that you are looking at has plastic parts make sure this is heavy-duty types that will be longer lasting. 

Mechanical Features 

The indoor water features that we found were all powered by electricity, which means there are always going to be mechanical features that you need to check for before buying. 

  • Power/Energy Efficiency – Look at the power (in Watts) that is going to be needed to work your indoor water feature, this will help you to judge how much it is going to add to your electricity bill each month! Some also have  features that make them more energy efficient which is well worth looking for if you are environmentally/money conscious. 
  • Pump – Make sure that the pump itself is good quality and built to last, you can tell this by the build materials of the pump and if there is any guarantee that comes with the product. We would also recommend looking for a pump that is easy to remove ready for when you need to change the filters or if you need to carry out any repairs. 
  • Adjustable flow rate – We particularly liked indoor water features that allow you to change the rate at which the water flows through the feature. Obviously the faster the flow the louder the water is going to be, so this means you can adjust it to exactly the right level for your home. This also gives you the option to increase it if you move the water feature outside and then reduce it when back inside. 
  • Motor noise – Obviously all the pumps and motors are going to make SOME noise. You would be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t! However, there are some that are going to be quieter than others and come with noise reduction technology. Make sure that as a minimum the noise of the motor cannot be heard over the noise of the water, otherwise this really will ruin the ambiance. 

Best Budget – Zen’Light CASCADE-V2

Zen'Light Waterfall V2 4 Tier Natural Stone Effect Jar Fountain with Colorful LED Light-Modern Zen Table Decor, Ideal Meditation and Relaxation-H 26 cm, Polyresin, Black, 17 x 21 x 26 cm
  • 【Zen & Relaxing Atmosphere】Create a relaxing atmosphere in your home with this indoor closed-circuit water flowing fountain. It is made of resin with a very realistic stone look to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home, garden or patio
  • MULTIPLE LED LIGHTING - This decorative fountain is equipped with 3 colorful LED lights that highlight the decor and movement of water. This soft and relaxing light creates a zen, intimate and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for your relaxing moments
  • Silent Pump: The water pump that operates the closed circuit is quiet and high quality, with built-in flow adjustment. Installation takes only a few seconds (fill the tank, install the lighting and connect the pump). It is removable for quick and easy maintenance
  • ORIGINAL GIFT IDEA - This indoor fountain brings serenity and relaxing atmosphere, making it a gift that is sure to delight you. Whatever the occasion (Christmas, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day), give this unique relaxing and decorative accessory
  • THE Zen'Light CHOICE - Trust our fountain expert brand since 2007. N°1 in Europe, our fountains combine quality and aesthetics to create in your interior a space of relaxation and relaxation necessary for your balance

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Extra Indoor Water Feature Considerations 

Now that you know the main things you need to consider before purchasing an indoor water feature, here are some of the little extras that you need to consider if you are ready to make your purchase. 

  • Cable length – All of the indoor water features that we found were powered by electricity….this means that they are going to need to be able to be plugged in to work. If you don’t want to be limited as to where you can position your water feature then look out for one with a longer cable. We found some with a cable upwards of 10m which gives you much better flexibility when choosing the location. 
  • Indoor AND outdoor use – Some of the  best indoor water features will be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, which really adds to the value for money aspect of your purchase. This will allow you to have your water feature outdoors through the summer months and indoors over winter. Just make sure to check how your water feature connects to mains electricity and whether you are going to need to get a suitable plug fitted outside.
  • Lighting – We particularly light the indoor water features that have lighting of some sort included. This really adds to the ambiance offered by the water feature and makes it more of a focal point in your room of choice. Not only this, but coloured lighting will also change the colour of the water in your water feature, adding to the effect of it flowing. We also found some that have different coloured lighting to choose from so you can change the light depending on your mood! 
  • Easy set up – Unless you are wanting to create work for yourself, make sure to check how easy it is to set up your indoor water feature. Some are literally as simple as filling them with water and plugging them in. Others are going to need putting together, the pump installing, and then a lot of trial and error to get the different parts in place for the perfect flow of the water! This also applies to actually switching your water feature on and off. Look for one with buttons that are durable, easy to use and easy to reach! 
  • Remote controlled indoor water features – Speaking of which, we found some indoor water features that are actually remote controlled – the ultimate luxury! The lighting and water flow of your water feature can be adjusted all whilst you sit comfortably relaxing! 
  • UV protected materials – Look out for coated build materials that are UV protected if you know that your water feature is going to be in sunlight for a large part of the day. Even if your water feature is in the conservatory it is at risk of becoming discoloured if it is not protected enough.
  • Flower planter – If you are really wanting to bring the outdoors in then we found some lovely indoor water features that actually have planters included. This will give you space to add a small indoor pot plant of your choice. Not only does this add to the “natural” look of your water feature, but allows you to grow some indoor plants in your home. 

Best of the Rest

4 Fall Rock LED Lit Indoor Water Feature Ideal for Feng Shui
  • Realistic Rock Fall Water Feature
  • Add a sense of calm and tranquility to your home
  • Looks great at night
  • Fully self contained - no need for a permanent water supply
  • Hand finished and painted

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GEEZY Garden Water Feature LED Fountain Buddha Lotus Indoor Outdoor Cascading Freestanding Polyresin Garden Statue Lights & Water Decoration (Hand Fountain)
  • RELAX AT HOME :The sound and sight of trickling water is naturally soothing and water fountains can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings to help induce a feeling of calm and relaxation. There fountains have elegant stone structures designed to be focal points of a garden, to decorative fountains perfect for a study or living room.
  • NO PLUMBING REQUIRED : Our modern fountains are self-contained and easy to set up, with no plumbing required. They run on an electrical pump.
  • PERFECT HOME DECORATION : They not only look lovely in a garden, but are good for attracting wildlife, including birds and butterflies that will be drawn to the water, making a stunning centerpiece on any garden or patio wall. They are ideal for helping to drown out the noise of traffic by producing a gentle trickling sound, transforming your backyard into a peaceful retreat from the rush of modern life.
  • INSTANT WAY TO CALM YOURSELF : Having a water fountain indoors is great for creating a calming ambiance and easing stress. The moving water also acts as a natural humidifier and helps combat air pollution by releasing negative ions. It features white LED lights that make it very attractive at night. Water flows from the top bowls to the bottom bowl.
  • DIMENSIONS : Pump, LED lights included. Durable polyresin construction. Output: 220 - 240 V. Hand Fountain Dimensions: L 31.5 x W 23 x H 62 cm.

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Cascading Bowls on Rocks Formation Indoor Water Fountain with LED Light | Size 21 * 17.5 * 25 Cm | 3 Pin UK Plug Included |
145 Reviews
Cascading Bowls on Rocks Formation Indoor Water Fountain with LED Light | Size 21 * 17.5 * 25 Cm | 3 Pin UK Plug Included |
  • This ZEN Cascading Bowls fountain is the perfect size (21cm(L) x 17.5cm(W) x 25cm(H)) so you can enjoy the calming flowing water!
  • Highly Decorative: This beautiful crafted Poly resin fountain with its highly decorative design, beautiful dark colours will add a touch of style to the décor of any house. As the night draws in your fountain looks even more spectacular as it lights up with a beautiful natural stone colour creating a soothing, ambient feeling!
  • Simple Installation : The indoor fountain is easy to use and can be carried around your home for you to enjoy the benefits no matter where you chose to spend your time relaxing. Connect the given tube with the electric pump, add water and plug it in!
  • Perfect Gift: Offer the sound of water to your loved ones by giving this beautiful gift with the benefits of not only showing you love and care about them but improving their wellbeing.
  • Product comes with Water Circulation Pump, 1.5m Lead with 3 pin plug

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Additional Purchases

If you have your heart set on creating a beautiful, relaxing home and your way to do this is using water features then you may have some additional purchases to make!

If you are wanting a self contained water feature that can be fitted outside then here are some of our best self-contained water features.

It may be that you are wanting to create a more natural water feature, in a pond for example. In which case, you are going to need a water feature pump to get the water flowing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What warranty can I get with an indoor water feature?

Most indoor water features are going to have a warranty of between two and three years. This often depends on the build materials and the quality of the product. It is worth checking the small print of the warranty product though as some will only be valid if you have regularly maintained the pump and pipework of your water feature. 

How should I maintain my indoor water feature? 

There are various steps that you need to take to look after your indoor water feature and keep in clean. We would recommend purchasing a special cleaner to run through your water feature every couple of months, as this will help to clean the pump and other parts of the water feature that you are not able to get to. If you are wanting a more DIY version then you can try using filtered apple cider vinegar but this is obviously not going to have all the benefits of a specialist cleaner. You must also remember to clean or replace the filters on your pump if you want this to remain unclogged. Finally, simple things such as wiping round the edge of your water feature and down into the basin will stop algae from forming.

Can you buy solar powered indoor water features? 

Yes – you can. They are harder to find so you will be more limited in the choice of water features but there are some indoor water features that are solar powered. Just make sure to consider where your water feature is, it is going to need to be in a position that will get a lot of sunlight to be enough to power the pump. You will usually find that solar powered options are smaller to allow for the restrictions in power.

Do you have to replace the water in an indoor water feature?

It is a good idea to replace the water in an indoor water feature regularly to stop the water from developing algae and starting to smell. This is particularly important if you are switching your water feature on and off. If you are wanting to reduce the amount of times you need to replace the water then we would recommend using distilled water.

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Ergonomics
  • Value
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