Best Head Torch Buyers Guide (2022)

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Having a way to light up the area in front of you is essential for so many situations. But actually carrying around a torch isn’t always practical! It can be difficult (if not impossible) to light up the exact area that you need AND complete the jobs that you are trying to do, especially if you need both hands! If you have ever been in the situation where you are trying to balance a torch under your arm whilst you work – then you have come to the right place! What you need is a head torch!! 

Head torches are now so much more popular, and with good reason! They are the perfect solution for if you are walking, camping, working on a yard, completing DIY, skiing, or basically in ANY situation where you find yourself in less than perfect light conditions! Not only are head torches going to be much more practical for when you are tasked with trying to work in the dark or evening light, they are also just going to be so much easier for simple jobs like walking the dogs or going out to the bins during those winter months when daylight feels so scarce! 

Best Pick Head Torch – Everbeam H6

Everbeam H6 Pro LED Head Torch Headlamp, Motion Sensor Control, 650 Lumen Bright 20 Hours Runtime 1200mAh Battery Powered USB Rechargeable Waterproof Headlight Flashlight, Camping Hiking Fishing Work
18,904 Reviews
Everbeam H6 Pro LED Head Torch Headlamp, Motion Sensor Control, 650 Lumen Bright 20 Hours Runtime 1200mAh Battery Powered USB Rechargeable Waterproof Headlight Flashlight, Camping Hiking Fishing Work
  • ⚡ SUPER BRIGHT & 5 LIGHT MODES – 650 lumen LED light source that reaches a tested 126 m / 413 ft distance. Two brightness levels and an SOS mode on the white light. The red light mode is particularly good for outdoor activities at night as it does not disrupt wildlife.
  • 👋🏻 MOTION SENSOR, THE WAVE SWITCH - Simply wave your hand in front of the headlamp to turn the light on or off when it's on Sensor Mode. 4 inch / 10 cm sensoring range.
  • 🕙 LONG RUNTIME, BUILT IN 1200 MAH RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - Up to 6.5 hours runtime in white light, and 2.5 hours on high brightness. Red light is more energy saving with up to 20 hours runtime.
  • ☂️ WEATHER PROOF AND SHATTERPROOF - Reinforced body with an IPX4 water resistance rating. Can survive heavy rain and any impact in common outdoor activities and work conditions.
  • 💖 DESIGNED FOR YOU - Ergonomic, lightweight (2.5oz / 72g), compact, rechargeable, and more. Our products are designed by the users for the users. With collected user feedback, we are constantly improving our product to ensure the best experience for everybody.

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In A Hurry? 

Stepped in one too many puddles when walking the dog at night? Failed one too many times at setting up a tent in the dark? We are here for you – having been in the exact same situations countless times we finally feel that we have found some of the best head torches for you to consider!

Head Torch Brightness

It would make sense that the first thing you need to think about is how bright you want your head torch to be – as far as we are concerned the brighter the better – but it is worth mentioning that the more powerful the head torch the heavier it is usually going to be as well! The brightness is going to be measured in Lumens. Some will work with one very bright bulb whereas others have a number of bulbs that create a brighter light! You also want to look at the power of the battery as this will have an impact on how bright the bulbs are. 

The amount of Lumens found in head torches ranges considerably from as little as 10 Lumens and all the way up to around 2000! Here is a bit of a guide so that you know what you need to look for:

  • 100-250 Lumens – general, everyday use such as local dog walks, working in your garden or on an allotment. 
  • 300-600 Lumens – Best for if you are wanting to navigate more challenging, off-road walks, complete outdoor sports such as bike-riding when you are riding at faster speeds. 
  • 600+ – These models are best for if you are hiking in unknown areas where the tracks are more dangerous, if you are out and about in complete darkness or for sports such as skiing or cross-country running when visibility is vital for your safety! 

The brightness of your bulbs will also be impacted by the types of bulbs that you choose to use. Your two choices are going to be either LED bulbs or standard bulbs. Standard bulbs are going to be your cheaper option so if you are working on a budget then they are definitely going to save you on the initial cost – however they don’t last nearly as long as LED bulbs so they are going to cost you more money in the long run. 

LED bulbs are almost always going to be brighter than standard bulbs, so if brightness matters to you then LED should be the choice that you make. LED bulbs will greatly increase your visibility and also the distance that you are able to see in front of you! We also love that they are much more energy efficient so they are going to help your battery to last even longer so you can work, walk, ride etc in the dark for even longer. 

Best Budget Head Torch – Blukar Head Torch

Blukar Head Torch Rechargeable, 2000L Super Bright LED Headlamp Headlight with Sensor Control, 6 Light Modes, IPX5 Waterproof, 30 Hrs Runtime for Power Cuts, Emergency, Running, Hiking etc.
  • USB Rechargeable & Long Lasting: Built-in 1200mAh upgraded rechargeable battery, this headlight can be charged via the provided USB cable. No need to buy batteries any more. It is more economical, lower-carbon and environmentally friendly than the battery headlight. Support long-time outdoor activities after full charge, providing you a longer lighting and more relaxed charging experience.
  • 6 Lighting modes & Free Your Hands: 4 Conventional lighting modes: strong white / weak white / strong red / strobe red. 2 induction modes: strong white / strong red. Thanks to built-in motion sensor design, easy freeing your hands in this mode, simply wave your hand in front of the headlight to turn it on / off.
  • Super Bright & COB LED technology: Adopting advanced COB-LED technology, the headlight provides super bright, stable and uniform light with low power consumption. This effectively prevents eye strain and discomfort caused by glare. You can see the environment more clearly, which makes your nighttime activities safer.
  • Adjustable & Comfortable: 45 ° adjustable headlight base allows you to focus the light where you need it. The elastic headband is adjustable, comfortable, breathable and not easy to slip on. Suitable for children and adults.
  • Waterproof and Lightweight: Waterproof and Lightweight headlights are great for all kinds of activities, such as fishing, biking, mountain biking, camping, climbing, DIY, exploring, reading, auto repair and emergency tools, mining work, etc. Perfect gift for family and friends.

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Powering Your Head Torch

Head torches are almost always going to be powered by electric batteries of some form. We found a couple of models that were solar powered but these are few and far between and we wouldn’t necessarily recommend them as, in theory, when are they going to be in the sun long enough to recharge? But this is an option if it is what you are looking for. 

Your two main choices that you will have are standard batteries that can be purchased from pretty much any supermarket, corner shop or online – either AAA, AA or D batteries. These are easy to get hold of and replace, plus are going to be your cheapest option initially. However, they are obviously going to need replacing quicker than rechargeable options will, so they are going to end up costing you more money in the long run. 

If you think that rechargeable batteries are the best option for you then you will have the choice of either a battery pack or with space for standard batteries but you can just purchase the rechargeable options. The battery pack models are going to offer the most power out of all the head torches and usually the longest battery lives, but these are also going to be the most expensive. One thing worth considering though is that you can’t just replace the battery as it starts to age like you can with other options! 

When looking at your rechargeable options make sure to check how it is actually going to be charged. Some will come with standard plugs whereas others will come with USB chargers so that they can be charged on the go. Other models will need you to remove the  battery pack to charge it which is going to be much less convenient. 

TOP TIP: If you opt for a rechargeable head torch then look out for lithium-ion batteries as these are going to be the most long lasting and powerful – they will also be much quicker to charge! 

Head Torch Style 

There are so many style choices that you need to make when choosing your head torch – it doesn’t really come down to the look, more the comfort and practicality for what you are wanting to do! 

The first thing to consider is whether you want the battery pack on the back or the front of the headtorch. Models that have the battery on the front are going to allow you to easily put a helmet or hat on top of your head torch, but these do tend to mean that the weight isn’t as evenly distributed which can make the head torches quite cumbersome if you are using them for sports. 

Then look at the actual central light part of the headtorch. Some will come with one central bulb whereas others will come with bulbs that are spread out over a wider area to increase the width of the beam. 

Finally, you need to actually look at the strap of the head torch and consider what is going to be best for you. Some will come with a circular strap to go round your head – these are really easy to put on and, again, make it easy to add a helmet or hat over the top. However, they can easily slip and move around if you are running or completing other sports when using them. The more secure models are ones that come with a strap that goes over the top of your head as well. Although these are more bulky they are going to massively increase the stability of the head torch. 

Additional Head Torch Features 

You need a head torch that is going to last and that you will be able to rely on – especially if you are using it for navigating or to keep you safe when you are taking part in hobbies or sports during the evening! So here are the additional things you need to consider! 

The Light

Look at the quality and distance of the beam that comes with your head torch. You want to look at the maximum travel of the beam and also the width of the beam – some models will come with a thin beam that can travel a long distance whereas other models will come with a shorter distance beam but that pans out over a wider area! 

You also want to look and see if you can get different coloured lights with your head torch. Some of the best models will come with red as well as white lights which are going to be better suited to foggy conditions or if you are wanting to stay undetected whilst you are out and about. The best head torches will even come with SOS modes that will swap to flashing lights if you are in trouble to draw more attention to yourself. 

We really like head torches that are going to come with adjustable light settings too. Some will allow you to adjust the brightness of the beam depending on what you need at a particular time, which is a great way to  both save battery life and the eyes of your friends! Others will allow you to adjust the position of the beam so that you can make sure that it is pointing exactly where you need it! 

The Design

These additional design features are really important if you are wanting a comfortable head torch that is easy to use! Firstly, look to see if the straps are going to be adjustable and also what they are made from – you want materials that are going to be elasticated but also soft! 

It is also worth looking at the buttons that control your head torch. Look to see not just where they are positioned but also their size. Some buttons are really small and positioned at the back of the head torch which can make it really difficult to switch on and off yourself – especially if you are wearing gloves! 

Finally, make sure to look at the actual size of the central part of the head torch where your bulbs are going to be held. There is a massive range of sizes available and this is really going to impact what you will be able to use your head torch for. Larger boxes will usually give better visibility but it is going to be much more difficult to run or ski with them on! 

TOP TIP: Look to see if the back of the battery pack and the light box are padded too – these are the parts that are going to be constantly in contact with your head whilst you are wearing the head torch! 

Additional Features

  • Reactive light technology – This is really clever technology that uses sensors to assess the environment around you. It will then adjust the brightness of the headtorch to give you just the visibility that you need!
  • Battery warning light – If you are relying on your head torch in some tricky situations then you definitely need a model that comes with a low-battery warning life. This way you can either swap out the battery or bring your activities to an end before you find yourself in complete darkness!
  • Control lock – These models will allow you to “lock” the head torch so that the controls cannot be switched on until you want them to. This is perfect for anyone that is planning on using their head torch when they are camping or out hiking as you can travel with your head torch in your bag and know that the beam isn’t going to switch on by mistake and drain your battery! 
  • Regulated output – These models basically ensure that you have full brightness on your head torch until the battery runs out. This saves you trying to work with a dimming light as the battery begins to fade. However, some people would rather opt for an unregulated output as the battery is going to be slightly preserved by the fact that the light dims as it is starting to run out. 

Best of the Rest

LE Head Torch, [2 Pack] Super Bright LED Headlamp with 6 Lighting Modes, Waterproof, Battery Powered LED Lightweight Headlight for Cycling Running Camping for Kids Adults [Not Included Battery]
  • Battery Powered - Three AAA battery is required but not included, which is very low power consumption. (Please note it is not a rechargeable headlamp)
  • Light Weight and Water Resistant - Only weighs 50g (without battery), the headlamp is perfect for outdoor running, cycling, fishing, camping etc. Its waterproof rate is IPX4, means the lamp is free from splashing water.
  • 4 Lighting Modes - High and low brightness modes of main light; Steady on and flashing modes of red light.
  • Adjustable Angle - Can be rotated at 45 degree up and down, this headlamp's beam angle is adjustable for oriented lighting.
  • Discharge Time - Powered by one battery, the discharge time of the low brightness mode can be up to 10 hours, and 5 hours of the high brightness mode.

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MLIAIMCE Head Torch,Rechargeable Headlamp Super Bright 18000 Lumens 8 Lighting Mode,Lightweight Waterproof Head Torch,Hands-Free Flashlight for Working,Fishing,Camping,Running
  • ▲【NEWLY UPDATED MOTION SENSOR FUNCTION & LONG PRESS FUNCTION LED HEAD TORCH】-New version,Our Head Torch has added a long press function and Motion Sensor Function.When you press and hold the key mode button for 3 seconds in any mode,you can turn off the light directly and no longer need to go through all modes.High power LED headlamp robust,durable and lightweight,Provide you with a brightness range of up to 1640 feet (500-800 meters) distance.
  • ▲【8 LIGHTING MODES & UPDATED BATTERY INDICATOR】–This led rechargeable Head Torch is prepared to adjust to a full range of lighting needs.the main light can select high, low, all or SOS strobe 8 modes. Auxiliary light mode, and you can choose high, low, red light, and SOS strobe.It comes with a TYPE-C line to provide a stronger bright and longer life.Battery Indicator,When The Regular Mode Button Turns From Green To Red, It Means The Power Is Low And Needs To Be Charged.
  • ▲【HIGH QUALITY & 90º ADJUSTABLE】 - This Headlamp Is A Representative Of High Quality And Uses The Most Advanced Led Technology To Provide Powerful And Long-lasting Illumination. Its Rugged Housing And Quality Material Manufacturing Enable It To Perform Well In Harsh Outdoor Environments.90 °rotatable Usb Led Headlamp Help You Focus Light Exactly Where You Need It. Soft Adjustable Headbands Ensure Comfort And Stability.
  • ▲【COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT & WATERPROOF】 - The Head Torch Is Designed With A High Quality Elastic Band And Head Sponge Pad For Easy Adjustment And Installation That Won't Slip,super-comfortable To Wear,which Makes It Comfortable For Both Adults And Children. With The Headlight Hook, You Can Easily Attach The Headlamp To A Narrow Helmet, Helmet And Protective Cap.ipx4 Water Resistant Grade, It's Safe To Use Even When It's Raining.
  • ❤【WIDE APPLICATIONS】- LED headlamps ideal for running at night, cycling, camping, climbing, fishing, hiking and walking the dog. Not only the perfect addition to indoor working but also a good hands-free light for outdoor sports and activities.If you have any questions, please tell us at first time, we will offer you with professional services and satisfactory solutions.

Last update on 2024-06-23 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

No products found.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do head torches come with guarantees? 

Yes! All good quality head torches are going to come with at least a 12 month guarantee. We actually found that some models have a three year guarantee for that extra peace of mind. If you opt for an LED bulb head torch then some manufacturers will guarantee the bulbs for up to 30,000 hours worth of use – now that is value for money! 

Can I wear a head torch in the rain? 

Provided you opt for a head torch with a high enough water resistance rating then there is no reason why you cannot wear it in the rain. The best way to check for this is by looking at the IP rating. You need an IP rating of at least 4, as this will ensure that your head torch is not going to be damaged when splashed or rained on. Some even come with IP ratings of 8 which means that they can be completely submerged under water without being damaged.

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