Best Gazebo for Hot Tub – A Complete Guide (2022)

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A garden hot tub is becoming a much more common feature in many gardens across the country, but unfortunately they cannot be enjoyed as often as many people would like as the weather just doesn’t allow for it! This can make your expensive purchase seem a lot less good value for money then it may have originally! Not only that, but garden hot tubs that are left standing in your garden will quickly become worn, discoloured and damaged by dirt, debris and the weather – and personally they cost far too much money to allow that to happen! This is why, if you have a garden hot tub, you also need a gazebo for your hot tub. 

A hot tub gazebo will keep your hot tub secure, dry (on the outside at least) and clean when you are not using it, so that you know it will be ready for you to sink into whenever you want. Not only this, but we found that the roof of the gazebo massively reduces the amount of dirt and debris that falls into the hot tub, leaving the water much cleaner all the time. This won’t just make your time in the hot tub more enjoyable, but it will also reduce the strain on the filter of the hot tub! Last but not least, there are ways in which a gazebo for hot tubs will actually improve your time in the hot tub – keeping you safe from the wind and rain and keeping your upper body warmer so that you can relax in comfort for even longer! 

We are in no doubt that if you weren’t convinced before, you are now, so here is everything that you need to know to get out purchasing the best gazebo for hot tubs you can find! 

Best Pick Hot Tub Gazebo – Wooden Heavy Duty

Dunster House Wooden Heavy Duty Gazebo 3 x 3 Metres Pressure Treated Hot Tub Shelter With Roof Shingles Included And 10 Year Rot Protection Leviathan
  • Dimensions: 3.22m width x 3.22m depth x 3.04m height (W 10'6" x D 10'6" x H 9'11").
  • Heavy duty structure and robust framework with thick beams and extra strong posts of 120mm by 120mm of high quality pressure treated spruce.
  • Includes instructions and all fixings needed for construction. Designed for the DIY customer, you do not have to be an expert to assemble.
  • Fully pressure treated slow grown spruce timber with 10 year protection against rot and insect infestation. Not just dip treated. Long lasting and low maintenance.
  • WE DO NOT DELIVER TO POSTCODES: SA; LD; ZE; HS; KW; IV; PA; KA27, 28; PH32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44; TQ6, 7, 8, 9; EX19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 38, 39; PL10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35; TR; PO30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41.

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In A Hurry? 

If you are ready to purchase a gazebo for your hot tub but just aren’t sure of where to start then look no further! Here is where you will find all that you need to know and the features that you need to consider! We have even included some of the best features that we have found! 

Pop-up or Permanent? 

Before you can think about anything else, you need to consider what you actually DO with your hot tub throughout the year. If you get your hot tub out for a few months over the summer and then put it away again, then chances are a temporary gazebo is going to be a better option for you as this can be packed away along with the hot tub over the winter months when you are not using it. To make this easier, they will be made from a frame that is easy to fold away and a cover that is light and flexible so that it can be stored easily when not in use. 

Permanent gazebos are going to be made from much stronger, heavier and durable materials. This does make them more expensive but they are going to last much longer because of this! You will also find that they offer a more “polished” finish so will make a great feature in your garden. 

TOP TIP: If you are wanting the finish of a permanent gazebo but don’t actually leave your hot tub up through the year then why not consider moving your patio furniture and BBQ underneath the gazebo over the winter months. This means it will still be a really useful space even when the hot tub is packed away! 

Gazebo for Hot Tub Build Materials 

Whether your gazebo for hot tubs is fixed or pop-up will largely impact on the materials that you will find it made from. Pop-up gazebos obviously need to be made from materials that are flexible and light such as polyester and aluminium, whereas fixed gazebos need to be strong enough to withstand all different types of weather. 

The frame of a hot tub gazebo is usually going to be made from aluminium or stainless steel thanks to the fact that they are light but also really durable. Steel is going to be your stronger option so if you are planning on leaving your gazebo up over winter then this is probably the best option to go for as aluminium can bend under pressure. One thing to note is how important it is that you check the frame is powder coated as this is going to be the only real way to avoid rust and corrosion developing over time. 

When looking at the cover for your hot tub gazebo it will probably be made from some type of polyester thanks to the strength but also flexibility that it has to offer. You need a cover that is going to have some give so that it does not rip or tear in strong winds, but also that is strong enough to form a shape over the frame and not blow away. Permanent hot tubs do sometimes come with more solid roofs which are fantastic as they are less likely to be damaged or become caught up in strong winds. 

Don’t forget to also check how waterproof your gazebo is going to be. Ideally you want the roof and the walls to be waterproof so that you can be sure that both you and your hot tub are going to be completely protected. However, there are quite a few models that come with waterproof roofs but then just water-resistant sides which should be good enough. Waterproof means that the material isn’t going to let ANY water through, whereas water resistant means that it is going to repel most water but after a certain point when it becomes too saturated it will let some water through. 

TOP TIP – If you are wanting a really impressive finish for your hot tub then why not look out for models that have a wooden frame. These will be super strong and long lasting, plus you really don’t need to worry about them being damaged in the wind. Just bear in mind that they are going to need some maintenance over time to avoid any rot developing. 

Best Budget Hot Tub Gazebo – Sanheng Gazebo

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Gazebo for Hot Tub Size 

Don’t forget to think about the size of the gazebo for your hot tub that you need. They will come in a range of sizes from around 2mᒾ up to around 6mᒾ. It is really important to make sure that you have some space around the hot tub so that the material isn’t touching the sides of the hot tub. This will stop the sides from becoming ripped or damaged and also stop it from getting in your way when you are trying to relax! 

The gazebo for hot tub heights start between around 2.5m and 3m – make sure to think about the height of your garden fence and the impact that it could have on any neighbours that are close by. 

TOP TIP: In our opinion, some of the best gazebo for hot tubs are rectangular rather than square in shape as this will leave you space at the side for getting changed, towels and shoes etc. 

Additional Gazebo for Hot Tub Features 

Once you have found the right size and materials for your gazebo to protect your hot tub, there is a wide range of additional features that we would recommend checking for to make sure that you are getting good value for money. 


Here are some of our favourite design features that will really make your gazebo the envy of all your neighbours… 

  • Windows – We would always recommend looking out for models with windows as these will allow you to look out into the garden whilst you are relaxing in your hot tub. Not only that but it will help to stop the gazebo from being too dark inside. 
  • Opaque Roof – If windows aren’t quite enough then why not look out for models that come with opaque roof – these will let in loads of light and allow you to look up to the sky when you are in your hot tub! 
  • Curtains – Most gazebos for hot tubs are going to come with sides to offer extra protection for both the hot tub and you! However, we really like models where the sides are curtains so that you can open and close them depending on the weather and what you are wanting at any given time. They make a great wind and rain guard when closed but can be opened up for full exposure to the garden if this is more to your liking. Some even come with additional mosquito net sides that can be attached and detached to help protect you from bugs. 


  • Check the thickness of the materials that are going to be used as this is a reasonably good guide of the sun protection that it is going to be able to offer. Some will offer protection up to around SPF50+ so you won’t need to worry about sun cream or getting burnt when you are in the water.  
  • UV Protected Materials – It is also worth checking whether the materials are protected from the sun as well. UV protected materials aren’t going to discolour the same. 
  • Denier score – If you want to try and make sure that the cover of your gazebo isn;t going to rip then look out for a high denier score. Anything more than 200 deniers will be stronger and less able to pluck or tear. 

Additional Features

  • Carry case – Temporary gazebos are going to need a carry case to store everything in when you aren’t using the gazebo. Look out for a strong, durable case that is actually going to be able to fit all the parts in so that nothing goes missing. Some even come with wheels so that you don’t need to worry about lifting all the parts. 
  • Assembling your Hot Tub Gazebo – Most hot tub gazebos are going to take 2 people to build but permanent models may need 3 or even 4 people. It is also really important to check the tools that are going to be needed, some will only need basic hand tools but others are going to need power tools. Some take around 15 minutes to build whereas others take a couple of hours so this is worth considering too. 
  • Roof weight capacity – If you are choosing a permanent gazebo for your hot tub then it is definitely worth checking for the weight capacity that the roof will be able to hold. You may be thinking that you’re not planning on putting anything on the roof but rain and snow are going to weigh a lot and could cause damage to the roof cover. 
  • Tying down your Hot Tub Gazebo – Check how you are actually going to fix your gazebo hot tub into position. Some need pinning down with tent like hooks whereas others will need a secure ground to actually drill the legs into. 

Best of the Rest

All Seasons Gazebos 3x3m Heavy Duty Fully Waterproof Pop up Gazebo With Accessory Pack - Beige
  • 3x3m (10ft x 10ft) Heavy Duty pop up Gazebo from one of the UK’s largest pop-up gazebo brands – All Seasons Gazebos
  • All Seasons Gazebos offers full UK based phone, e-mail or web chat customer support to deal with any after sales enquiries or questions you may have. A market leading 24 months warranty is offered against manufacturer defects on the frame and canopy
  • Comes with accessory pack which includes 4 x Leg weight bags, 1 x Carry bag with wheels, Rope and Tent pegs
  • No Poles to slot in with the pop-up frame design made from strong steel. Roof can be left on the frame meaning a portable almost instant fully waterproof shelter wherever you are
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces such as Concrete, Grass, Patios, Sand, Decking and many more. Please always anchor the gazebo properly using the supplied accessory pack

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Pop-up Gazebo 2m x 2m With Sides Silver Protective Layer Waterproof Marquee Canopy (WS) (Green)
277 Reviews
Pop-up Gazebo 2m x 2m With Sides Silver Protective Layer Waterproof Marquee Canopy (WS) (Green)
  • ✔ 2m x 2m. recreational shade. Sets up in just minutes.
  • ✔ Fully assembled "Insta-Lock" steel frame with hardened joints and brackets
  • ✔ Durable Double Layer Water Proof 300 Denier Top & 190g PU side walls with silver lining which brightens up the inside of gazebo and adds to better waterproofing
  • ✔ Removable Walls attached with Velcro Fasteners. Easy Removal and Assembly.
  • ✔ Can be erected on both hard or soft ground. Includes Ropes and Stakes for added Stability.

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Coleman Gazebo, Event Shelter for Garden and Camping, Sturdy Steel Poles Construction, Large Tent, Portable Sun Shelter with Protection SPF 50, White/Green, XL - 4.5 x 4.5 m
  • Sun protection 50+: The gazebo is equipped with the certified Coleman UV guard with SPF 50+ to provide protection against both the sun's ultraviolet rays and also against light rain
  • Sturdy design: The strong steel powder coated frame construction with secured PVC plug connections is quick and easy to set up; holes in the feet allow you to screw or peg the party tent to the floor
  • Convenient space and ventilation: The gazebo provides a shade area of 20.2 m sq with UV protection while allowing hot air to escape due to air vents at the top of the canopy flysheet
  • Coleman Event Shelters are designed for occasional use such as short camping trips, weekend garden and sporting events and should not be used as a permanent or long term shelter solution
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 m (15 x 15 feet); shade area 20 m²; head height centre/sides: 2.28 m/1.90 m; weight 18 kg; packing size 100 x 22 x 35 cm; carry bag, pegs and guylines included

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy a hot tub and gazebo together?

Yes! There are some hot tubs that will actually come with a gazebo hot tub as well so that both are matching. Not only this but it means that you know the size is going to be correct and that both are going to be good quality! 

Can a gazebo for hot tubs stay up all year?

This really depends on the type of gazebo hot tub that you purchase. Some are going to be made from less durable materials such as aluminium and polyester – these really shouldn’t be left up all year as they can be easily damaged by heavy winds and rain. Not only this but some models will actually be lifted off the floor in strong winds! However, there are permanent models that are made of steel and other more rigid materials that can be left up all through the year. 

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