Best Garden Kneeler – Complete Buyers Guide 2024

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Best Garden Kneeler

When you are working in your garden, whether it be bedding areas or vegetable patches, you are going to be stuck spending a fair amount of time on the ground! Weeding, planting and pruning all takes time – but this time can seem torturous if you are kneeling on the cold, damp ground. A garden kneeler is going to save the discomfort and chill from kneeling on the floor when you work. Not only is it going to save the damp ground from dirtying your trousers but it will cushion against the hard ground too.

Initially designed for gardeners that suffer from arthritis and joint pain, garden kneelers are a perfect barrier between your knees and the floor when you work. However, we personally feel that they can be used by anyone – as who does want to be kneeling in cold mud for hours on end?

There are lots of garden kneelers out there to choose from and we have found that some models can be prone to weakening and letting water through over time. This is why it is so important that you buy a model that is made to last. Here are some of the best garden kneelers that we found…

Best Pick – Crystals GK99

Crystals GK99 Garden Kneeler with Handles & Tools Bag [3in1,Padded Seat,Folding,Space Saving,Green] 59 * 28 * 49cm
  • 3in1 Portable folding garden kneeler with Heavy duty metal frame with thick foam padded knee pad seat bench
  • Durable spring mechanism fold the legs down for easy and convenient transport and storage
  • Suitable for a variety of uses can be used as a stool or a kneeler
  • Comes with an polyester fabric tools bag pouch
  • Dimensions - approx. 36x19cm

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In A Hurry?

If your knees are suffering and your plants are suffering even more, then you need a garden kneeler that can be there to prop you up – and quickly! Here are the key features that you need to consider… 


You would think that garden kneelers are all the same, but actually there are a number of differences in their designs, so these need to be considered before you commit to one that you want to buy! 

There are two main design differences that you will find with a garden kneeler and this is between one that is completely flat and one that has sides. Garden kneelers that have sides are by far the most common, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best for you. 

Garden kneelers without sides are going to be smaller, more compact and therefore easier to carry around the garden with you. Not only this but they are going to be easier to store when you aren’t using them, so won’t be taking up precious room in your shed! We also like that flat garden kneelers are going to give you more freedom to move around and stretch out over your garden without being blocked by the sides. 

However, there are many benefits to the garden kneelers that do come with sides. The main benefit is that they are going to give you more support when you are getting down to the floor and getting back up again. This makes them perfect for anyone who struggles to get up from the ground, possibly with joint or back pain. Not only this, but for those same people the sides can be handy to hold onto when you are working so that you have that additional support. 

Your final option in terms of the design of your garden kneeler is an option that comes with a seat. These can be adapted in their design to form a low garden seat. Although we admit this seat isn’t going to be the most comfortable, or something that you are wanting to sit on all day – it is a great way for you to give your legs a break when you have been working for a long time. Not only this, but a low down seat is perfect for when you are trimming low shrubs or working at a certain height in your garden, as the seat will give you the stability and comfort to work at that low level for extended periods of time. These models are going to be designed with even sturdier sides so that you can flip it upside down to be used as a seat! 


It is essential that the padding in your garden kneeler is going to be up to scratch – without this, there really isn’t any point in using one. Make sure to check both the thickness of the padding but also the material in the padding. There is no point having the thickness if the material is just going to send your knees right through to the ground! Foam padding is a great option, but you may find that over time it starts to wear in places where you kneel regularly. The best way to avoid this is to look for padding that is made up of multiple thin layers as this will be able to hold its shape for longer. 

You also want to consider the outer material of your padding. Ideally, you want something that is going to be waterproof so that you can wipe it clean after or before you are using it! 

NOTE: There are garden kneelers that come without padding at all. These may not be ideal for all people, but if you are wanting something simple and easy to clean then this could be a way to go. 

Best Budget – Burgon and Ball GKN

Burgon & Ball Kneelo Garden Kneeler, 52 cm x 30.5 cm x 6 cm Size, Navy
  • Gives the most luxurious cushioning
  • Deep core of shock absorbing EVA foam
  • Enough space to get both knees
  • Easy-grip carrying handle
  • Ultimate in comfort and convenience

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You also want to think about the size of your garden kneeler. Most of them are going to be relatively similar in size but there are going to be differences. A larger garden kneeler is obviously going to give you more space when you are kneeling down working and make it much easier for you to get back up again afterward – particularly if you are opting for a model with sides. However, a larger model is going to be harder for you to carry around with you and store when it isn’t being used. 

Some smaller models are going to be around 40cm in length, whereas others are up to around 80cm! 

Build Materials

It is important that your garden kneeler is going to last, as you don’t want to have to buy a new one every summer, so checking the build material of your garden kneeler is going to be important. 

The two main build materials are going to be plastic or metal. Plastic is going to be your lightest and cheapest option but it isn’t particularly the strongest of materials either. This can mean that your garden kneeler can crack or dent, particularly if you are relying on the strength of the garden kneeler to help you get up and down from the ground when you are working. 

Metal is going to be much stronger than this, so if you are looking on a model that you can rely on to help you get up and down then this could definitely be a better option for you. The only real issue is that metal is going to be affected by rust if you are not careful, especially with it coming into contact with the damp ground all the time. We also don’t particularly like the “cold” feel of metal garden kneelers – and this is less than ideal for anyone with arthritis or joint problems – but this can be avoided if you are opting for a model with padding. 

TOP TIP: The build material is often going to impact on how much weight the garden kneeler is able to carry. Metal is usually going to be able to hold more than plastic, but there are some strong plastic models out there that can hold up to around 90kg. 

The Best Garden Kneeler Features 

If you are looking out for the best garden kneeler for your money then these are the additional features that you need to look out for. These are going to make the difference between an average garden kneeler and one that you can keep using all day. 


Some of the best garden kneelers are going to come with additional storage, which can be really helpful when you are working in your garden. Some have storage that is going to come under the padded seat – although this isn’t going to be ideal for if you are needing to change up what you are using regularly, as you will have to stand up every time you need to swap around what you are working with. There is a massive benefit to having storage under the seat though, because this is a great amount of space to use as storage. 

Then, for the things that you are needing all the time, there is going to be the storage that is on the sides of your garden kneeler – for models that come with sides. Having storage pockets on the sides of your garden kneeler is perfect for the small things that you are needing regularly , such as seed packets. 


You definitely need to think about the portability of your garden kneeler as you are going to need to move it around the garden whilst you are working. Garden kneelers aren’t going to be particularly heavy – most plastic models weigh less than a kilogram – but there are still different features that make them easier and harder to move around! 

To start with, we would definitely recommend looking out for a model that is hollow rather than solid in design. Both metal and plastic garden kneelers should still be strong enough to hold your weight despite them being hollow, but this reduction in the amount of material will make your kneeler much lighter. It is worth mentioning that some metal models can weigh up to 3kg, which is going to be considerably more for you to be carrying around! 

You also want to look at how easy it is going to be to pack your garden kneeler away, as this is going to affect how portable it is! For most models the sides are going to simply click down and secure into the base of the seat so that you can easily store and move your garden kneeler. 

Finally, don’t forget to check the handles that come with your garden kneeler! Although garden kneelers aren’t particularly heavy, they can be quite challenging to carry around, particularly if you are carrying other items as well. Look out for large handles with comfort grips that are going to make it easy for you to transport them. 

Added Extras! 

  • Easy to Clean – Look out for models that are easy to clean as this is going to save you a considerable amount of time. Check the design for grooves and areas that are going to be hard to clean or access. 
  • Garden kneeler pad – If you aren’t wanting a model with sides then make sure that the pad still has handles to make it easy to carry around with you. 
  • Hanging hook – If you are wanting an easy way to store your garden kneeler then look out for a model with a hanging hook which will be perfect for your shed. 
  • Level of waterproofness – You need to know whether you are going to be able to leave your garden kneeler outside in all weathers or whether it is going to need to be stored inside. Some types of foam padding are going to go mouldy quite quickly if they are allowed to get wet so this is something to watch out for! 

If you are purchasing a garden kneeler then chances are you are wanting to do some work on the bedding areas in your garden. Why not purchase a bulb planter alongside your garden kneeler to help you get the job done?

Best of the Rest

Spear & Jackson Kew 5 Layer Garden Kneeler, Dark Green
  • Moulds around your knees to provide comfort and support
  • Five layer construction of EVA and foam for extra user comfort
  • SBR (neoprene) lining for water resistance
  • Easy clean, quick drying nylon cover
  • Integral handle for easy carrying around the garden and for convenient storage

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LIVIVO Folding Portable Garden Kneeler For Gardening Multi Use Can Be Adjusted To Use As Bench Stool Chair Or Kneeler Foam Rubber Padding Padded Pad Seat - Comes with a Tool Bag Holder Pouch
  • LIVIVO 2-in-1 GARDEN KNEELER: Our Multi-purpose garden stool and kneeler is perfect tending to flower beds or herbaceous borders, then flip it over to sit comfortably whilst pruning bushes or just enjoying the sun.
  • VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY: Converts Between a Garden Kneeler and a Sturdy Seat; Supports Up to 250 lbs—Perfect for Gardening, Picnics, and Outdoor Seating.
  • ROBUST AND WEATHER-RESISTANT: Constructed with High-Quality Steel Tubing and a Protective Coating to Withstand Various Weather Conditions.
  • EASY STORAGE AND PORTABILITY: Lightweight and Foldable Design Facilitates Easy Transportation and Storage, Making It Ideal for Gardeners with Limited Space.
  • DIMENSIONS: 28.4cm(L) x 13.7cm (W) x 60.7 cm (H)

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Garden Folding Kneeler Seat Chair Pad Stool Steel Frame Tool
  • Great for gardening - Side handrails make getting up and down easier by providing sturdy support; soft cushion reduces pressure and fatigue on your knees and Lower back; low-to-the-ground design Protects your clothes from dirt and grass stains
  • High load capacity - Garden Kneeler/seat has passed the static load Test of 150kg for 8 hours by TUV Rheinland
  • Tool Pocket - Sturdy tool pocket on the side, made of 600D polyester fabric with 3 convenient pockets. Easily access gardening tools without standing up, improving work efficiency.
  • High quality material - Garden Kneeler & seat is made of high-quality steel tubes, Long lasting Comfortable EVA foam and plastic; free garden tool pouch; capacity 150kg
  • Quality Assurance - If you have any problems during use, please contact us, we will help you solve it as soon as possible, and we provide a 365-day free guarantee. Help us better improve product quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace the padding on a garden kneeler? 

For some garden kneelers you will be able to replace the padding if it begins to become worn. For these models the padded seat will normally be velcroed on so that you can simply remove the padded seat and replace it with a new one. 

How long will a garden kneeler last? 

If you opt for a thinner “pad” model that doesn’t come with a base, then you should find that it will be able to last for a couple of years. However, if you opt for a plastic or metal model with a more sturdy base then you should find that it will last for a long number of years! 

Why purchase a garden kneeler with sides?

A garden kneeler that comes with additional sides is going to cost you slightly more money. But we personally think they are well worth it as it makes it so much easier getting up and down when you work!

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