Best Cat Repellent – Ultimate Buyers Guide 2024

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Best Cat Repellent

If cats are causing a problem in your outdoor space then we have no doubt that you will be desperate to do something about it! Even if you are a cat lover, having others cats making a mess in your garden is not what you want to have to deal with! Not only is there the faeces itself, but the fact that this can then come into contact with your children or you yourself if you don’t manage to remove it in time! They are also going to make a mess when finding a spot to use to go – so you really can’t win no matter what you do!

There are lots of options for the best cat repellents depending on your style of garden and exactly where you are wanting to repel them from. We have included a real range of options so that you can find one which will be right for you.

Best Pick – Pestbye Battery Operated Cat Repellent

Pestbye® Battery Operated Motion Activated Waterproof Cat Repellent - Quick Fix Ultrasonic Cat Scarer with Ground Stake - Set of 2
  • Keep unwanted pests out of your garden with Pestbye Cat Repellent - safe and humane for cats, dogs, foxes, squirrels, rodents, and some insects.
  • Infrared PIR motion sensor detects movement and body heat up to 7m away, reducing fake activation and extending battery life.
  • Emitting a high-frequency sound that irritates cats and is almost inaudible to humans, this cat repellent is fully adjustable for sensitivity and frequency.
  • Easy to set up with a zinc-coated ground stake and tab for fitting directly to a wall or fence, this cat repellent is fully weatherproof and can be left outside in all weathers.
  • We're so confident in the effectiveness of our cat deterrent that we offer a 45-day money-back guarantee. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included) with a battery life that varies depending on activations.

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Why Should You Deter Cats From Your Garden? 

You may be wondering why you even need to repel cats from your garden – maybe you are a cat owner yourself and are unsure of the real issue of having other cats in your garden. Well let us explain….

  • Territory – Cats are very territorial animals who use their scent to mark off an area (just like they would do in the wild). If you don’t prevent other cats from coming into your garden then you could find your own cat wanting to avoid your garden, which has been known to leave cats looking for a new home! Even if you have house cats, if they have access to be able to see outside (such as through a patio door or conservatory windows) then they can become very stressed and threatened to see cats in the outdoor space of their home. 
  • Wildlife – The main reason why cats wander round an area is because they are searching out wildlife, whether this be birds, squirrels, hedgehogs or mice. Gardens that are home to the smells of a number of cats are rarely going to be home to a variety of birds and other wildlife as well – simply because they want to stay protected from the predator that is trying to catch them! The best way to encourage wildlife to your garden is to make it a safe place to visit and that isn’t the case when there is a cat around! 
  • Cat Faeces – No one wants to be spending time planting in their bedding areas and then come across a cat poo buried in the soil! Not only is cat faeces incredibly smelly and messy to clear up, but it is actually incredibly dangerous too. Cat poo can contain a disease known as toxoplasmosis. This parasitic disease can be incredibly dangerous for anyone with a low immune system or for pregnant women – but will make ANYONE feel rather unwell! What is worse is that you don’t just have to touch the poo to catch the disease! It can spread through the soil too, so even if you find the faeces and remove it carefully with gloves etc, the disease could already be in the soil in your garden! 
  • Nature’s litter tray – Unfortunately, cats like to try and cover their faeces, this is to keep them safe from other cats that are in the area. But this means that they will often kick, scratch and bury before and after they use your garden as a toilet! This will regularly damage bedding areas, plants, gravel walkways or sand areas if you are not careful. Although this is a relatively minor issue, it can become a big one if you are left sweeping up daily after a cat. Once they have found a spot “to go” they will usually try to come back to this spot again and again, so it won’t be a one time occurrence! 

In A Hurry?

We understand the frustration of finding yet another bedding plant dug up by your neighbours cats, or the annoyance at hedgehog and animal feed being eaten by the same animals that are then discouraging wildlife from coming into your garden! We also understand that this might make you in a bit of a hurry to purchase the best cat repellent you can find, so keep reading for all the essential information that you need before you buy! 

Types of Cat Repellent

There are various different types of cat repellent that you can choose from, all work in different ways and have different levels of effectiveness so this is the first decision that you need to make. 

Electrical Cat Repellents 

There are many natural options that can be used as a cat deterrent, but personally we found that the electrical options are the most effective – which is why we have gone into more detail on these first! 

Motion- Sensor Sprinkler 

One of the main things that cats aren’t going to like is water. Therefore, it would make sense that water is involved in deterring cats from your garden – it is a harmless, cheap, yet effective way to deter cats from entering your garden. These devices will pick up when there is any motion in front of them and send out a jet of water to encourage the cat to leave the garden. The only issue with this is that the motion sensors aren’t clever enough to be able to detect whether it is a cat, or wildlife, or your dog or even YOU that is walking in front of the sensor, so you could find yourself in for a short shower if you aren’t careful! You also need to consider the distance that they are going to be able to spray and detect motion – if you have a larger garden then you will find yourself needing multiple devices to get the job done! 

TOP TIP: If you decide that a motion-sensor sprinkler is going to be for you then make sure to consider the access that you are going to have to water. This is going to need to be readily available. You also need to consider whether this is going to cause you a problem over winter months (due to the freezing of pipes). Although cats don’t normally wander as far over winter, you don’t want to get complacent and then find your garden full in spring! 

Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent 

If you are wanting to avoid a wet leg after walking past a sprinkler detector then it may be that an ultrasonic cat deterrent is the one for you! These work in the same way that the sprinkler models do, by detecting motion in your garden, but instead of letting out a jet of water, they let out a high pitched, ultrasonic noise that is going to be very offensive to those pesky cats’ ears! When cats have got the pick of which gardens they spend their time in, they are going to be much less likely to choose a garden that is emitting such a noise. We love these devices as they aren’t really going to affect your time in the garden as the noise is such a high-frequency that you will struggle to even hear it (so no upsetting your neighbours either). 

But, it is important to remember that they aren’t perfect – reviews suggest that they are less effective than the sprinkler options as some particularly determined cats will just learn to ignore the noise! Not only this, but whilst some dogs aren’t too concerned over the noise, we have seen some that will be put off by it, which could affect your dogs using your garden space when the sensors are on. 

Non-Powered Cat Repellents 

If you have decided that you are wanting a more natural cat deterrent for your garden, or maybe you don’t have the right space and design of your garden for an electrical option. Whatever you reason, here are some of the best cat repellents that don’t require any power! 

  • Plants – There are a number of plants out there that will repel cats from your garden for different reasons. Some are because of the texture and others are because of the smell, but planting a combination of them is going to help in your mission to deter the cats from your garden once and for all. Cats have a particularly strong smell so plants such as rue, lavender, rosemary and pennyroyal are going to be best for keeping them away. There is even a specially designed (and named) plant called the scaredy-cat plant, which is sure to keep them at a distance. 
  • Chicken wire – A simple and cheap solution is to place chicken wire in the areas of the garden that the cats are usually using. They then won’t be able to dig and churn up the soil. The only issue with this is that it is going to massively affect the overall look of your garden and many cats will actually just adapt to the feel of them and continue to wander around your garden unaffected! 
  • Lion dung – Believe it or not, one of the best natural ways to get rid of cats from your garden is to pretend that there is a bigger cat in there! As we mentioned already, cats are very territorial animals, so purchasing pellets that have been soaked in lion dung are going to be a fantastic way of deterring them from your garden! One application can last for up to three months so it isn’t a permanent solution but will work well for that period of time! 
  • Deterrent sprays – There are many deterrent sprays out there that you can spray in your garden with varying scents that are going to put cats off from coming anywhere near your garden. These are relatively cheap and effective options, however you do need to consider that every time it rains you will find the solutions washing away and they will need topping up/replacing. This means that although they are a cheaper initial cost, in the long run you will find that they can end up costing more money!

Best Budget – Karlsten Cat Repellent Granules

Karlsten Cat Repellent Anti Fouling Granules, Natural Humane Cat Deterrent Citronella
  • ✅Karlsten Anti fouling cat repellent granules natural Citronella formulation to stop cats entering your garden and Fouling your lawn
  • ✅Effective Citronella formulation keeps cats from leaving a mess in the garden or destroying any flowers or plants
  • ✅ For Full effect sprinkle granules to surrounding areas in which you have seen the cats. Masks territorial markings. For full Effect use over a period of 2 weeks to release the odours into your lawn
  • ✅One step soluton to protect surrounding areas by the strong scent of natural citronella

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Features to Consider 

Now that you know the main types of cat repellent that are available to you, we need to go into more detail on what is going to set them apart. We are mostly going to be looking at the electrical models for the sake of this part of the article, as these tend to be the most popular and the most effective. 


Obviously only some cat deterrents, such as the motion-detection sprinklers and the ultrasonic sound options, are going to need power to be able to work. The most common option found is solar powered models, as these will have little solar panels on the top of them that is enough to capture enough power to get the job done. The only real issue with this, is that you are going to be limited to positioning the machines somewhere where they will get sunlight – which may not always be where the cats will actually go! Not only this, but through winter months, you may find that they are not getting enough consistent sunlight to work effectively. 

Your other option is battery powered or plug in models. These are obviously going to work much more consistently and you aren’t relying on the not-so-reliable british sunshine! But, you are going to have the limitations of remembering to charge up the individual batteries or positioning the deterrents so that they are close enough to a plug socket (whilst still also close enough to where you are wanting to deter the cats away from!). 

NOTE: You will tend to find that electric models offer more power than solar powered models – this may result in a louder noise or a sharper spray of water. So if you have particularly persistent cats in your garden then it may be the option for you! 

Size and Quantity 

It goes without saying that you need to think about the size of the cat deterrent that you go for and the number that you are going to need in your garden! Chances are, if you are wanting to repel cats from your garden, you aren’t going to want to be reminded of them every day whilst you are in your garden by large cumbersome deterrents! Look out for machines that are 15/20cm cubed as these will be small enough to tuck into smaller areas of your garden without taking up too much space. 

You also need to consider that you are probably going to need more than one deterrent, particularly if you have a larger garden, otherwise the cats will just move onto a different spot in your garden rather than just leaving altogether. This is why we like cat repellents that come in multipacks as this will save you a considerable amount of hassle and money in the long run! 

TOP TIP: If you have a garden that has too much space to cover then it may be worth taking the time to watch which part of your garden the cats are entering and leaving from. That way you can place one or two of the best cat deterrents in these places to avoid them getting into the garden at all! 

Best of the Rest

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Cat Repellent, Garden Cat Repellent, Solar Powered & USB Powered for Cat Dog Birds Foxes Animal (Waterproof)
  • 【Easy to use】: Garden Cat Repellent can be med in gund with the pvided spike, or hang on objts such as trees.
  • 【Perfect for Outdoors】: This cat repellent is fully weatherproof .Warproof to IP-4, rugged hard plastic constructon that withsnds rain, sno,ice and wind, you can ue cat repellent in any weaer contis still 100% working.
  • 【Safe】: Ultrasonic Cat Repeller no harmful chemicals or pesticides, safe for human and pets. Get rid of the unwanted pest and animals through emitting ultrasonic, keeping the pests/animals away in humane way.(irritating to the cat and almost inaudible to humans ).
  • 【Solar Powered & USB Powered】: Cat Repellent two charging options are available. Features a solar panel on top of the device that recharges the batteries ./Can also be recharged via USB(A USB charging cable is included).
  • 【Multi Frequency and Sensitivity Mode】: You can set the following five different sensitivity modes for cat repellent. The safe/humane way to keep cats and other unwanted pests out of your garden with fully adjustable sensitivity and frequency.

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Additional Features

Here are some of the additional features that we found with some cat repellents that are particularly effective at eradicating them from your garden for good. 

  • Flashing lights – Some of the motion and ultrasonic models will also come with a flashing light to increase the shock that the cats receive. This obviously won’t hurt the cats but will encourage them to leave the area – and quickly! 
  • Battery life – It is definitely worth checking the battery life that comes with your cat repellent (whether it be a solar powered model or not!). Some will be solar powered but can still be charged independently if you know that they are not getting enough sunlight! Look for models that are going to last for at least a couple of weeks before they need charging or you could end up forgetting – and the cats will quickly notice the difference! 
  • Waterproof – Obviously it goes without saying that you are going to need your cat repellent to be waterproof, as without this it isn’t going to be able to survive in the garden. Look out for models that are made from strong plastics and metals that are UV protected, these will be better able to withstand the weather conditions that they are up against! There are some models out there that are going to be COMPLETELY waterproof at the base – this means that they can be used near (or even in) ponds to stop cats and other wildlife from upsetting or even killing your fish! 
  • Fitting – Look to see whether the cat deterrent needs to be pushed into the soil, fastened onto a wall or tree trunk, or whether you have multiple options, as this will determine where abouts in your garden they can be used! 
  • Deterrent range – For powered models you definitely need to consider the actual range that they will work with. Some cover just over 30ft which means that you won’t need many in your garden at all, whereas others only work to around 10ft which is going to massively increase the number that you need to project a large garden! 
  • Infrared detection – Most of the time that you are going to be dealing with cats in your garden is through the night, so it is pointless opting for a motion-detector that is only going to work during the day! Look out for models that will be able to function through the night if you really want your garden to be safe. 
  • Adjustable sensitivity and frequency – We particularly like cat repellents that allow you to adjust the sensitivity and the frequency that you are working with! This is important because it means that you will still be able to walk through your garden without being sprayed with water or having to listen to the high-pitched ultrasonic sound! But, you will be able to adjust the sensitivity and frequency higher or lower depending on how effective it seems to be in your garden! 
  • Adjustable sensor – Depending on where you are positioning the cat deterrent in your garden will also determine how you are going to need to position the sensor that it actually DETECTS the cats. However, some motion detectors are fixed and cannot be moved! Look out for models that have varying degrees of movement so that they can be positioned perfectly! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do powered cat repellents come with a warranty? 

Yes! You will find that almost all cat repellents come with some sort of warranty but especially powered models. This tends to range from around 12 months up to around 3 years depending on the quality of the model. 

Are cat scarers legal?

Yes – providing you opt for humane methods, like all the ones mentioned in our article, then there is no reason why you cannot position them in your garden. However, it is illegal to cause unnecessary suffering to an animal, so you will need to consider whether the devices are necessary and reasonable in the way that they are going to deter the cats. We would recommend speaking to neighbours/owners if possible beforehand so that they are aware you will be setting up cat deterrents in your garden to avoid any issues. 

Will a cat repellent scare other animals?

This really depends on the type of repellent that you choose. If you opt for a noise repellent or a water spray device then you could find that they scare other animals away too. However, scents tend to be more specific to particular animals so you should find that dogs won’t be put off by the same smells as cats, for example.

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  • Ergonomics
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