Best Bib and Brace Overalls

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Best Bib and Brace Overalls

Looking to complete any DIY or decorating jobs around your home? What you need is some bib and brace overalls! They are the perfect way to protect your clothes whilst you are working, so that you aren’t constantly facing mountains of washing or even worse, clothes ruined with paint and debris. We also love our bib and brace overalls for when we are working in the garden, or even if you are working on a yard, fishing or even out camping! They are so quick and easy to put on, but also strong and durable so you are really rely on them when working!

The best bib and brace overalls are going to come made from strong materials that are long lasting, they are also going to include a number of pockets so that you can carry around some of your tools with you whilst you work.

Bib and Brace Overalls or Trousers?

You may be wondering whether you are better off buying bib and brace overalls or trousers – largely it comes down to personal preference but there are some factors you need to consider. Trousers will be slightly easier to slip on and off but they don’t offer nearly the versatility that the braces do. We also found that the overalls are comfier to wear as you are not holding all the weight from your hips, this means that if you are bending down or moving around quite a bit whilst working you know that they are going to stay in place.

The only real issue with bib and brace overalls is the fact that they don’t cover the whole upper part of your body, so if you are working outdoors then you may find that you are going to need an extra layer for your top half. Equally, any clothes that you are wearing on your top aren’t going to be protected from the dirt and debris, however the overall design does allow for more breathability when you are working.

Another plus point for the bib and brace overalls is the large number of pockets that they can have, meaning that they will be able to store many more tools and bits and bobs for when you are working.

Best Pick – TMG® Work Bib and Brace

TMG® Men’s Work Trousers, Long Legged Work Dungarees with Knee Pad Pockets
  • Can be used anywhere: the work suit is extremely durable and made for hard use on construction sites, in the workshop, in the garden or simply as casual trousers in everyday life
  • Lots of storage space: whether mobile phone or tools, everything can be stored in the two back and thigh pockets, the double ruler pocket, the side pocket with attached mobile phone pocket and the large pocket on the bib
  • Comfort and safety: thanks to the abrasion-resistant knee pad pockets made of Cordura, long knees are no problem and even in the dark you are optimally visible due to the reflective strips on pockets and lower legs
  • Comfortable fit: the dungarees are casual cut and ensure maximum freedom of movement thanks to the adjustable straps. All available sizes can be found in the product description
  • Material mix: durable materials provide resistance in everyday work. 50% polyester for durability, 50% cotton for breathability, 320 gr/m²

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Only Got 5 Minutes

Anyone who knows the importance of bib and brace overalls will be in a rush to buy them – we get that – which is why we have produced this part of the article. We have included the main features that you need to consider before choosing your overalls to help you buy the right ones, but first…take a look at the best bib and brace overalls that are on the market at the moment!

Bib and Brace Overall Features

Here are some of the main features that you need to consider before purchasing your bib and brace overalls.


The material that you go for is going to be essential for both your comfort and also the durability of your overalls. Most bib and brace overalls will be made from heavyweight cotton fabric, which will be long lasting and durable without being too heavy. However, this on its own won’t make your overalls waterproof so if this is an important feature for you then you are going to need to look out for models that have been treated or have an extra waterproof layer!

Some bib and brace overalls that we found were part cotton, part polyester, which will usually make the overalls both lighter and cheaper, however polyester is less breathable so if you are wearing them for longer periods of time they could become uncomfortable. We would say as a general rule…for indoor use go for heavy-duty cotton and for outdoor use go for a cotton/polyester blend.

It is important to look for bib and brace overalls that are going to be washable and tumble dryer safe. After a hard days work, just wiping down your overalls really isn’t going to be enough. Plus, if you know that you are going to need your overalls the day after then being able to throw them in the drier is essential.


Most bib and brace overalls are relatively similar in design but there are still some features that set them apart when buying!

  • Clips – look out for modern, good quality clips that secure in place easily and are easy to adjust. These will usually be made with plastic which will offer you a strong enough hold even for heavier overalls.
  • Elasticated waist – An elasticated waist on your overalls will really add to the comfort of your overalls as it saves them from dragging down from your shoulders. Not just this but them having this more fitted part will stop longer trouser legs from dragging as much.
  • Adjustable straps – Adjustable straps are crucial for the fit of bib and brace overalls as the standard sizing means they are unlikely to fit perfectly on the first try. Look out for straps that are easy to adjust but also hard wearing so they will hold the strap in place when you are knelt down.


You will usually find that bib and brace overalls come in Small, Medium and Large instead of in standard clothes sizes. We would always recommend going for a size slightly bigger than what you would normally wear if you are unsure, as you need to remember that you will have clothes on underneath your overalls padding you out.

The main issue with going for overalls that are a size bigger is the trouser length, which is reallŷ important when you are working! Trousers that are too long are not only frustrating and uncomfortable, but also dangerous when working. Most manufacturers will advertise the trouser leg length so make sure to check this before buying.

Pockets and Hooks

It sounds a bit ridiculous to suggest that one of the main things you need to think about when buying bib and brace overalls are the pockets – but trust us – it is! It’s unlikely that you are going to be using your overalls just to wear out and about, they are going to be there for when you are completing any manner of jobs and DIY. This means that you are going to need pockets and hooks to fit some of your smaller tools as well as fastenings and odds and ends that you might be using. Some even hack hammer-loops so if you know that you are going to be using a hammer regularly then look out for one of these!

Look out for bib and brace overalls that have a range of pockets and in different places too. Big pockets are great but you will find yourself losing small fastenings to the deep, dark depths so a range of sizes is needed! Most will have open pockets but make sure that at least some have popper or velcro fastenings to keep belongings safe!

TOP TIP: Some of the best bib and brace overalls will have zip pockets that allow you to keep your most precious belongings safe! If you are struggling to find the right one with zip pockets then make sure to at least get one with Velcro pockets so you don’t find things going missing!

Best Budget – Road Master Bib and Brace

Road Master Bib and Brace Dungaree Overalls Painters Suit For Decorators Builders, White, Black, Blue, Red and Navy Colours
  • Poly cotton coverall
  • Complete with pockets on chest thigh and back
  • Stud button fastening for secure fit
  • Clips to secure over shoulders
  • Big pocket at front for multiple uses

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Additional Bib and Brace Overall Features

Now that you know the main things you need to think about before you buy your overalls, here are some of the BEST features that we found. If you know that you are going to be wearing your overalls regularly, or you just want the best that your budget can buy, then these are the features you should be looking for.

  • Knee pads – If you know that you are going to be working knelt down then we would definitely recommend opting for overalls with knee pads, as these will help protect your precious knees whilst you are working. Some makes also come with detachable pads so that these can be replaced when they start to flatten.
  • Double stitching – Some of the best bib and brace overalls have been double stitched to make them even more durable and able to withstand a hard day’s work.
  • Colour – You might not be bothered about fashion but the colour of your overalls is going to make a difference! Tradition suggests that painters should wear white bib and brace overalls – although we’ve never been too sure why! As far as we are concerned, the darker the colour the better, as it will stop those small marks and scuffs showing as soon as you start working! However, overalls do come in a range of colours, so you will be sure to find one to suit you!
  • If you are going to be using your overalls outdoors or around water then there are some extra features you are going to need to look for – make sure that they are completely waterproof, possibly also with elasticated bottoms to keep the clothes that you are wearing underneath dry!
  • Reflective strips – If you know that you are going to be working in the evening, through the winter when light is more limited, or in darker conditions then it is definitely worth opting for bib and brace overalls that have reflective strips on the back and legs so that you are more visible when working!
  • Reinforced pockets – There really is nothing worse than pockets with holes in (particularly if you are working with small fastenings that are then going to end up missing). The best overalls will have reinforced pockets so avoid them becoming damaged by their second use!
  • Flame retardant – If you are going to be working with electrics or chemicals then it may be worth opting for fire retardant overalls as these will keep your skin protected no matter what happens!
  • Fleece lined – If you are working in particularly cold conditions then it may be worth looking for fleece lined overalls. Admittedly these aren’t always practical as you can become too warm when working and they won’t be as easy to clean and dry, but if you know that you are in for a cold working environment then they are definitely worth opting for!
  • Bib pocket – Almost all bib and brace overalls will have a pocket on the bib, which is perfect for those belongings that you are needing most often. Some go one step further to have multi-compartment bib pockets and side pockets so that you can carry more important things with you!
  • Lower leg zips – Perfect for if you are wanting to adjust the size of your trousers, for making it easy to put on your overalls over big boots or even just if you are feeling a bit warm whilst working!

Best of the Rest

Work Bib and Brace Overalls, Overalls Men, Bib and Brace Dungarees Mens, Made in EU, Mazalat Protective Coverall, S -3XL Size - Made in EU - Work Trousers for Man, Lots of Colors, Grey, M
  • Bib and brace overalls for mechanic, builders, painting, craftsmen, cargo, gardening, decorators, painters, laminat und parkett, warehouse workers, super mario
  • Work trousers for men with Classic design, big central zip pocket, side right leg pocket, standard back pockets. Size adjustment on the side
  • Suitable with work jackets from the same design series. Work overalls for men, Painting overalls - Cotton/polyester 35/65 240 gr.
  • Overalls men in different colors - Red, White, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Yellow, Orange, Navy, Grey. With braces
  • Bib and brace suit machine washable - 30C. Mazalat work wear

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Portwest Men's Bib & Brace Bib & Brace
  • FUNCTIONALITY: A garment designed to be completely practical and safe, the Contrast Bib and Brace protects the lower body and chest against wet conditions whilst ensuring safety. The CE certified bib and brace is waterproof and breathable with taped seams to prevent water penetration.
  • PRACTICALITY: The S488 offers contrast panels for protection against dirt. It boasts 6 pockets for ample storage. including phone , back patch and double rule pockets. The elasticated back panel and adjustable side opening add flexibility.
  • MATERIAL, SIZE AND RANGE: Contrast Bib and Brace - Unlined. Available in Orange/Navy (S-4XL), Yellow/Black (S-5XL) and Yellow/Navy (S-5XL). Shell Fabric : 300D Breathable 190g.
  • STANDARDS: ANSI/ISEA 107: 2015 SUPPLEMENTAL CLASS E, RIS-3279-TOM ISSUE 1 (ORANGE ONLY), EN 343:2019 Class 4:3 X WP 10,000mm, MVP 10,000g/m²/24hrs, EN ISO 20471 Class 2

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ArtMas Work Bib and Brace Overalls, Multipockets, Knee Reinforcement with Pocket for Knee Pad, Durable Triple Stitched Seams
  • ✅Our most popular and best value overall is just what you need to get the job done. A highly durable and extremely practical product, complete with numerous pockets for tools and essentials.
  • ✅High quality product made of cotton/polyester 260 gr. Modern and ergonomic design, side buttons for additional size adjusting. Big size variety S-3XL, Machine washable and industrially launderable
  • ✅Knee reinforcement with pocket for kneepad, Elastic straps, multifunction pocket and front bib pocket, phone pocket, side pockets, modern design.
  • ✅Perfect product for builders, mechanics, warehouse workers, electricians. External knee pad pockets.Machine Washable at 60c, High visibility piping.
  • ✅Bib N Brace Overalls are manufactured from hard wearing 260 GSM Polyester/Cotton. Manufactured from 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton. Button fastened cuffs. Elasticated waistband.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do bib and brace overalls weigh?
As the overalls are going to be hanging over your shoulders through most of the day it is important to know how much they are going to weigh – particularly if you have a bad back! We found that most weighed between about 250 grams and 300 grams depending on the material that you go for. Polyester blends will always be lighter than pure cotton but these are less durable!

Can you get bib and brace overalls with different leg lengths?
Most bib and brace overalls come with a standard leg size, which can make it difficult for anyone that isn’t an “average” height. There are some manufacturers that offer regular and tall leg lengths though so these are worth looking out for if you think you fit into one of those categories.

Can you buy replacement knee pads for overalls?
Sometimes but not always is the easy answer to this one! Some manufacturers have removable knee pads that can be accessed through an internal pocket in the overalls. This means that as the knee padding loses it’s thickness they can be replaced, without having to buy whole new overalls, but this isn’t always the case so it is worth checking!

What is the difference between overalls and bib and brace overalls?

The main difference is that standard overall come with a jacket “top” which will include sleeves and need to be done up at the front. Bib and brace overalls are more like dungarees which will be clipped at the front by your shoulders and leave your arms free.

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  • Features
  • Ergonomics
  • Value
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