Best Artificial Grass Vacuums – Top Picks of 2023

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Best Artificial Grass Vac

Why Purchase an Artificial Grass Vacuum?

Discover the secret to maintaining the pristine look of your artificial grass with the best artificial grass vacuums available in the UK. Artificial grass has become a go-to solution for those who crave the lush green aesthetics of a lawn without the demanding upkeep. However, many overlook the fact that these low-maintenance lawns still need some TLC to stay at their best!

Neglected artificial lawns can quickly become a magnet for leaves and other garden debris, leading to a messy appearance and potentially damaging the grass fibres. As these unwanted elements decompose, they can shorten the lifespan of your artificial lawn, turning your once vibrant green space into a dull, worn-out patch.

That’s where the magic of artificial grass vacuums comes into play! These handy tools are essential for anyone looking to preserve the beauty of their artificial lawns, ensuring they stay clean, fresh, and long-lasting.

But wait, there’s more to these vacuums than meets the eye. With a myriad of options on the market, knowing what to look for can be a challenge. Fear not, we’ve got you covered! Read on to discover everything you need to know before purchasing the best artificial grass vacuum for your garden. Let’s dive in!

Best Artificial Grass Vacuum – Nilfisk Multi ll 30T Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Nilfisk Multi ll 30T Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner – Indoor & Outdoor Cleaning – 30 Litre Capacity with 1400 W Input Power, Blue
  • Powerful Vacuum and Dust Extractor: Versatile hose and barrel vacuum with input power of 1400 watt and power take off of 1100 W
  • Large Capacity: Bagless vacuum cleaner has a capacity 18 Litre when bagless. Vacuum cleaner with bag has a capacity of 14 Litre
  • Versatile Cleaning Power: High suction power for efficient cleaning and blow function for optional cleaning
  • Filtered Cleaning: Push&Clean, a semi-automatic filter cleaning function. This function is a semi-automatic method of cleaning the filter by creating an airwave hitting the filter from inside out
  • Wet Vac and Dry Vac: Great for home, auto, workshops, garages, extraction, pet hair and more. Suitable for all surfaces. Clean on hard floor, carpet and in hard-to-reach locations

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In a Hurry? 

If your artificial grass is already laid and collecting leaves with every blink of an eye then get reading – and quick! Here you will find everything you need to know to buy the best artificial grass vacuum. 


The first thing that you must think about when purchasing an artificial grass vacuum is the style of vacuum that is going to be right for you. There are many variants that are available and the best one really depends on your capabilities, the size of your garden and the amount of dirt and debris that you expect to be collecting. 

  • Lawn mower style vacuum – These models are styled simply around the traditional lawn mower. You simply push them along on their wheeled base and they will suck the leaves etc from your lawn into a sack. They have the benefit of being nice and easy to use, plus there is nothing for you to worry about carrying if you suffer with back problems. However they can be more expensive and tend to be on the larger side so are best suited for those with large gardens. 
  • Traditional style vacuum – Basically the same as your indoor vacuum, only specifically designed for use outdoors on artificial grass, these models are relatively light but also have large enough capacity on their bags. They aren’t the cheapest options and are still quite large so aimed at moderate sized gardens or anywhere surrounded by a large number of trees and shrubs. 
  • Handheld – Handheld artificial grass vacuums come in various shapes and sizes, from large “leaf blower” style models to smaller less powerful models. It is important to consider the weight of these models and what you feel able to work with for a period of time, they also tend to hold less dirt and debris. However, they will be lighter and easier to store than the other models and allow you easier access to more hard to reach places. You also tend to find that they can be used on bedding areas and rockeries as well as just lawn making them better value for money! 


Almost all artificial grass vacuums are going to be powered using electricity. There are some models that are powered by petrol but these are on particularly large models that would normally be used more commercially. 

Some of the smaller artificial grass vacuums will be battery powered and rechargeable, which is fantastic for anyone that has artificial grass which is far away from mains electric, but it is important to remember that these models are only small so will only be able to work on smaller areas effectively. For the most part, you will find that these clever grass vacuums are corded, so you simply plug them in and off you go. This does mean though that it is important to check the length of cord that you are purchasing and that this is going to reach the far corners of your garden. Most cord lengths are around 10 metres but we did find some that were slightly more or slightly less. 

The all important motor powers the vacuum and is what controls the engine of your machine. The strength of the motor will determine what size of debris can be lifted from the garden and how quickly this can be achieved – among other things. Motors are measured in wattage, ranging from around 1500W up to 3500W for the larger models. 

You also want to make sure to look at the air speed (which is controlled largely by the motor) as this basically suggests how quickly your vacuum will be able to work at collecting leaves and other debris. This will give you an idea of how quickly you will be able to move around your garden. We found air speeds ranging from around 150km/h up to 300km/h.


The capacity of your artificial grass vacuum is crucial as this is going to determine how much waste your vacuum can hold at one time. 

A bigger capacity is going to allow you to work on your lawn for longer before it needs emptying, so will save you a lot of time and hassle if you have a big surface area to work on or have a lawn that is under trees, for example. However, larger bags are going to make your overall vacuum heavier, so if you only have a small amount of artificial grass then it is probably overkill to go for a massive capacity. 

We found that capacities ranged from around 15L all the way up to around 50L. 

TOP TIP – It is never recommended to leave your collected waste in the bag after use due to how quickly it can begin to decompose so you may be better opting for a smaller bag so you make sure to empty it every time! 


The weight of your artificial grass vacuum is important as this is going to play a large part in determining how fatigued you become when you are working. There is a fair chance that part of the reason you bought your artificial grass was to make your life easier – so there is no point making it harder now. 

Obviously, it is important to remember that bigger artificial grass vacuums are going to be heavier (in general) but are going to get the job done quicker, so there is a balancing act involved. But there are still other factors that will impact on the weight of your machine. We found that weights varied from as little as 3kg, all the way up to around 15kg depending on the model and style that you are going for. 

Make sure to also consider the style of artificial grass vacuum when considering the weight though! As a handheld model is going to HAVE to be lighter to make it easier to carry, whereas a push along model can afford to be heavier as you are potentially only carrying it to the lawn and back! 

Ease of Use

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one thing that encompasses this section, as it involves a number of smaller features but that will all work together to impact on how easy it is for you to actually use your artificial grass vacuum. It is so important that your vacuum is user friendly, otherwise you will find yourself not using it nearly enough (this could be as regularly as twice a week at some points through the year). Here are some of the features we found to improve user experience…

  • Bag emptying – Look out for models with bags that simply click in and out of place, plus have a handle on the bag making it easy to carry to the bin or compost pile. Some will also be designed in a way that they stay closed unless manually opened by yourself, which will save all your hard work ending up back on the floor. 
  • Comfort grip and handles – Whatever the style of artificial grass vacuum that you go for you are going to need to hold some part of it. Make sure that handles are designed with soft foam or rubber comfort grips, but that still offer enough friction to make the tool easy to hold onto. If you have chosen a model that involves the bag being strapped to your back then the same goes for the straps as this will greatly reduce shoulder and back fatigue. 
  • Anti-vibration – Models that have anti-vibration features and handles are going to greatly reduce fatigue when working and the risk of more long term side effects that can be caused from increased exposure to vibrations. 
  • Adjustable size – Some models will come with adjustable handles, chutes, straps and more so that you can alter your vacuum to make sure it is the perfect size for you, reducing discomfort when you are working. 

Best Budget – Vacmaster Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaner

Vacmaster WD 18 Garden & Artificial Grass Cleaner, Outdoor Wet & Dry Vacuum For Cleaning Astroturf, Patio, Decking and Other Outdoor Areas, 1250W, 18 Litre
  • DESIGNED FOR OUTDOORS - Built with an extra-long 10m cable for easy outside use and wide-stance castors designed to prevent tipping and to provide stability while in use. Perfect for uneven surfaces like astroturf, decking or paving slabs - for best results always dampen the grass first
  • WET & DRY FUNCTION - The WD 18 AG Vacuum Cleaner has both a wet and dry cleaning function. Clean up mud and dirt from your outdoor space without the need to change filters. This model comes with an additional Nylon Pre-filter for additional filtration
  • SPECIALIST TOOLS - The artificial grass tool is manufactured to be tough on dirt and gentle on your synthetic lawn. The moulded combs lift debris and dust from the grass, while the nylon brushes drive out trapped dirt. The brass brush tool dislodges moss and weeds from stone patches. Also supplied is a universal floor head for cleaning indoors
  • BLOWER PORT - Turn your Vacmaster into a powerful air blower by re-attaching the hose to the exhaust port. Not only is this function great for leaf blowing, but it also acts as an inflation device for paddling pools, airbeds and other inflatable devices
  • VACMASTER BY CLEVA - We use the latest processes and highest engineering standards to create powerful products inspired by your needs. The result is a wide range of products with exceptional output and durability

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Extra Things to Consider

With any large tool like this there are always going to be extra aspects worth considering before you make your purchase. Good quality artificial grass is an expensive investment, so it is important that you look after it to the best of your ability. These features found on the best artificial grass vacuums will help you to achieve that. 

  • Variable speed and power settings – This is an essential feature as far as we are concerned. Different lawns and different parts of your garden are going to require different speeds and levels of power when you are vacuuming. The last thing you want is for your prize pogonias to be sucked into the vacuum whilst you are working! 
  • Mulching function – Some of the best artificial grass vacuums actually come with a mulching function. This means that any dirt and debris you collect can be churned up into small pieces and used again as fertiliser on bedding areas for example. This massively helps to reduce your waste, while supporting your plants at the same time! 
  • Blower feature – Depending on your style of garden and the trees that are around you, there is a chance that there will be certain leaves and debris that your vacuum just isn’t capable of picking up. In these situations it is worth looking out for an artificial grass vacuum that has a blower feature as well. This means you can blow large debris and waste to one side to be collected, then use the vacuum for all the smaller bits! 
  • Safety first – Although it is unlikely anything is going to go wrong, we always think it is better to be safe than sorry. Look out for a safety trigger that can be pulled in case of an emergency to stop the machine immediately. 
  • Wet and dry cleaning – Some vacuums will not only pick up dirt and debris but also be able to actually CLEAN your artificial grass, removing stubborn mould and other dirt. This really will bring up your lawn looking like new whilst vacuuming. Many require a change of filter to do this, but some of the best artificial grass vacuums can work off the same one, saving you time and hassle. 
  • Snow function – If you live in an area likely to get snow through the winter months it may be worth looking for an artificial grass vacuum with a snow function. This will allow you to get the snow removed from your lawn quickly and easily to avoid any repeated freezing and damage. 

Best of the Rest

Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum Lightweight Blower Vac Garden Leaf Shredder, 45-litre Collection Bag,1800 Watts
216 Reviews
Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum Lightweight Blower Vac Garden Leaf Shredder, 45-litre Collection Bag,1800 Watts
  • 3-in-1; Perfect for vacuuming up leaves and debris from grass and artificial lawns or blowing them so you can collect them, also has a mulching function
  • Large capacity; Impressive 45-litre capacity collection bag so you can spend less time emptying and more time getting your garden just right
  • Powerful; 1800W motor, engine speed; 13.400min1; air speed of 270km/h
  • Dimensions; L88 x W42.5 x H101.5cm
  • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee

Last update on 2024-02-29 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Einhell Power X-Change 30L Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner - 36V, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tank, 2.5M Hose, Blow Function - TC-VC 36/30 Li S Solo Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner (Batteries Not Included)
  • EXPERIENCE CORDLESS FREEDOM - Annoying power cords are a thing of the past! This battery powered Wet And Dry Vacuum provides thorough cleaning and is an ideal cleaning tool when it comes to stubborn and ingrained dirt
  • GERMAN DESIGN - The heavy-duty 30L stainless steel tank can be quickly emptied. For easy handling and stability in use there are two large wheel and two castors, whilst the blow connection allows cleaning and air dusting in hard-to-reach areas
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - 2.5m plastic suction hose with telescopic extension tube, a floor nozzle for carpets and smooth flooring along with a crevice nozzle, a foam filter, pleated filter and a dirt collection bag
  • ONE BATTERY FOR OVER 300 TOOLS - The same battery will power all of your Einhell PXC Power Tools and Garden Machines. Our intelligent ABS Battery Electronics and high-performance Li-Ion Cells makes our rechargeable battery system one of the safest in the industry and ensures efficiency, reliability and durability
  • CORDLESS WET AND DRY VAC ONLY - Includes the rechargeable battery powered Vacuum Cleaner body only. It requires 2 x 18v Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and charger (Sold Separately)

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Greenworks GD40BV Cordless Leaf Blow Vac with Brushless Motor, 280km/h, 9.63m³/min, 45L Mulching Bag WITHOUT 40V Battery & Charger, 3 Year Guarantee
  • POWERFUL LIGHTWEIGHT BLOWER & VACUUM WITH SHREDDER FAN - a strong fan, with a quiet low-vibration brushless motor, blows a forceful jet of air to clear wet or dry garden waste or vacuum dry leaves and shred them down so they're a tenth of the size
  • SMOOTH, QUIET, BRUSHLESS MOTOR - engineered to reduce friction for more power, better results, quieter operation and longer life, with 6 speed settings for shifting stubborn debris and sweeping away leaves around delicate plants
  • EASY TO CHANGE FROM BLOW TO VACUUM - when you want to switch from blowing leaves to sucking them up, simply unclip the blower tube then lock the mulcher tube into place, for the finely mulched leaves to be collected in the bag ready for the compost heap
  • USE WITH ANY GREENWORKS 40V 2Ah or 4Ah BATTERY - this is a special 'tool only' package that comes without a battery, so if you already own Greenworks 40V tools you can use the same batteries to save space, cut costs and reduce waste
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE – by Greenworks, a world leader in electric tools and battery technology, with a global reputation for smart design, high performance and outstanding customer service​

Last update on 2024-02-29 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions 

What warranty comes with an artificial grass vacuum? 

This really depends on the style of artificial grass vacuum that you opt for but we found that warranties ranged from around 2 years up to 4 years. Some were slightly less than this, but these tend to be for smaller, more handheld models. It is often found that warranties can be extended for a year if the product is registered online so this is worth checking for. 

How often should you vacuum artificial grass?

This really depends on your garden and the amount of debris that falls on your lawn. We would recommend vacuuming your grass at least once a month, but at certain times of the year (such as autumn) this may need to be once a week, whereas in winter months this could be less frequent.

Will an artificial grass vacuum damage my lawn?

No! Providing your artificial grass vacuum is working correctly then there is no reason why it should damage your artificial grass. The only real thing to consider is whether your artificial grass is weighted with sand. If it is then you risk this being sucked up into the vacuum.

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