A Bit About Me

Hello! I’m Thomas Paxton, the enthusiastic handyman behind ToolsReview.uk. At 42 years old, I hail from the vibrant city of Manchester, UK, where I live, work, and play.

You’ll find me at the gym, running, or on the tennis court when I’m not immersing myself in tools and gardening. I believe the discipline, precision, and endurance I cultivate in these activities are integral to successful DIY projects and gardening – meticulous, focused, and patient.

My Journey

My career started on the building sites, honing my skills and acquiring a deep understanding of the significance of quality tools in every job. This experience ignited my passion for DIY and gardening, where I discovered the joy of creating and shaping my surroundings.

Years in the building industry and countless personal DIY endeavours have filled my toolbox with invaluable knowledge and experiences. I found that I enjoy wielding this expertise myself and relish sharing it with others, helping them navigate their projects more confidently.

The Story of ToolsReview.uk

In early 2023, I took over the reins of ToolsReview.uk from my good friend of 20 years, Mike Jones. Mike had created an exceptional platform, and I was thrilled to carry on his work, blending my expertise and passion with the site’s mission: to help people make the best possible choices when buying tools and garden products.

I uphold the ethos of sharing unbiased, accurate, and practical information with every review and buyer’s guide. I delve into the research and present it in clear, easy-to-understand language, empowering you to make the best project decisions.

Join Me

I warmly invite you to explore ToolsReview.uk Here, you’ll find answers to your questions, solutions to your challenges, and perhaps inspiration for your next project.

Whether you aim to landscape your garden, redecorate your home, or select the perfect power tool, you’re in the right place. Let’s embark on this DIY journey together!

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