Milwaukee Drill – M18 FPD Fuel Combi Drill

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Milwaukee Drill

Milwaukee Drill Review

In this Milwaukee drill review, we take a look at the features of the Milwaukee M18FPD-0 18V drill. A powerful combi drill with a 3-year warranty.

A Milwaukee drill isn’t one of the drill brands that comes to mind initially when DIY enthusiasts are looking for the next drill. Brands such as Makita, DeWalt and Bosch are more well known. However, plenty of tradesman use Milwaukee and for a very good reason. People usually decide on a brand and stick with it, buying most if not all of their power tools from that brand.

Milwaukee M18FPD2-0 18V M18 Li-Ion 1/2' Fuel Percussion Drill Body Only Red
388 Reviews

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Milwaukee claim that this drill is not only the most powerful combi drill on the market today, but it is also the most compact combi drill in its class. This heavy-duty Milwaukee drill can be used with a hammer action, rotary or as a screwdriver due to its versatility in applications. It’s a compact tool measuring 197mm, which is lightweight to operate with one hand using the integrated handle. Should you wish to apply more pressure depending on what sort of material you are drilling there is also a detachable handle for two handed operation.

With this Milwaukee drill, they have pioneered a technology they have named REDLINK Plus. Offering 60% more power than predecessors and competitors. With REDLINK PLUS, the tool enjoys a digital overload protection for the battery and this adds value to the performance of the drill. Although not included with the purchase, this drill runs on the Li-ion battery which performs well under unfavourable temperatures compared to competitors.

Battery technology

The run time of this Milwaukee drill is optimised by individual battery cell monitoring, all part of the REDLINK Plus technology. It also helps in enhancing the durability. Meanwhile the battery fuel gauge Is a very hand feature, which enables you to see the charging progress by displaying the remaining percentage before it is full.

The performance of Milwaukee drill, is greatly increased thanks to the brushless motor, POWERSTATE motor and the REDLINK battery technology. Brushless drills are usually much quieter to operate, however this Milwaukee drill is pretty noisy. This can be attributed to in part the power that it gives out, but we would have liked something that was a little quieter. The brushless motor does allow you to achieve higher speeds up to 2000rpm to complete whatever the task in a short space of time with plenty of power on tap. This speed results in a higher torque of 135Nm.

Two incidental features that we liked were the built-in work light and the reversible metal belt clip, small features like this on a drill can make life so much simpler. The work light coupled with its compact design allow you to work behind units or appliances where space is tight and light is at a premium.

Specific features

  • Cordless compact drill
  • Speed of up to 2000rpm
  • Maximum torque of 135Nm
  • Powerful 18 volt lithium ion battery
  • Length of 197mm
  • Percussion rate of 32000 BPM
  • LED for illumination
  • Battery fuel gauge to display the charge level
  • Battery cell monitoring to enhance the run time
  • Brushless motor with 60% more power
  • REDLINK PLUS electronic intelligence to protect Milwaukee drill against over-charge and overload.

Related products

This Milwaukee drill is a body only unit, if you already have Milwaukee products this isn’t an issue as you already have a battery or two and a charger ready and waiting. This allows you to save on the cost of the tool. However, if this is your first Milwaukee product, chances are you don’t already have a battery or charger. Below is a 5Ah battery that packs plenty of punch and is an industry leader when it comes to the amount of time you get out of a charged battery. We have also featured the charger that is compatible with the battery this Milwaukee drill takes. While charging, Milwaukee’s proprietary REDLINK technology will help in monitoring the temperature and the cell voltage of your batteries.

Milwaukee M12-18FC M12-M18 Multi Fast Charger, 230 V, One Size
Milwaukee M12-18FC M12-M18 Multi Fast Charger, 230 V, One Size
High Quality power tool; Slim line soft grip handle
£21.99 Amazon Prime
Milwaukee M18B5 M18 5.0Ah Red Lithium-Ion Battery
Milwaukee M18B5 M18 5.0Ah Red Lithium-Ion Battery
High-quality product; 18 V 5000 mAh / 90 Wh (Li Ion); Battery cells from h chster Qualit t

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Positives and Negatives


  • A faster drill with speed up to 2000rpm
  • Higher torque of 135Nm
  • Powerful 18-volt battery
  • Overcharge protected by the REDLINK electronic intelligence system
  • Compact cordless design


  • Battery not included
  • Charger not included
  • Case not included
  • Fairly noisy


Having gone through the features, we are happy to report that this Milwaukee drill is well worth it’s money. For the DIY enthusiast looking for the most powerful combi drill on the market, or simply looking for a drill brand to start their tool collection off this could be just the ticket. The drill is versatile in many applications and has a higher torque rating to make each task a breeze. As mentioned above the Milwaukee brand isn’t quite as popular in the UK as more familiar names such as Bosch, DeWalt and Makita. But, this is well worth a look and we would be happy to use their entire range. Their 3-year warranty sure helps back things up.

Milwaukee M18FPD2-0 18V M18 Li-Ion 1/2' Fuel Percussion Drill Body Only Red
388 Reviews

Last update on 2024-06-18 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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