Hammerite Paints Overview

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Hammerite Products Overview

Hammerite Paint Overview

Painting can be a tiresome process, especially when it comes to metal surfaces. That is why you need a paint that is durable and unaffected by issues such as rust and moisture. Hammerite provides paint that is perfect for such issues.

Since its inception, Hammerite has been known for the production of rust-resistant paints. It even produces a rust removing agent. If you are planning to paint your car, garage doorknob, or anything else metal Hammerite paint is just what you need.

Hammerite Paint Direct to Rust Exterior Gloss Black Metal Paint, Smooth Finish. Corrosion Resistant Black Gloss Paint and Rust Remover, 8 Year Protection - 250ml Tin 1.25 SqM Coverage
  • PAINT DIRECTLY ON TO RUST – unique alkyd-technology formula that acts as a rust converter, so you can paint over rusty metal and still achieve a perfect finish that looks smart and fresh, lasts for years and helps prevent rust and corrosion forming
  • EASY TO USE – preparation is simple – just brush away any loose, flaky paint or rust and apply two coats of black metal paint straight on to the metal using a brush or roller. No sanding, no undercoat or primer and no topcoat are needed​ ​
  • USE ON ANY METAL – perfect for gates, railings, garden furniture and garage doors, Hammerite black metal paint works on ferrous and non-ferrous metals giving a smooth, gloss finish that transforms any metal and gives your home an instant lift
  • 250ml TIN COVERS UP TO 1.25m2 – ideal to cover a small gate or top rail of a balcony, or a couple of garden chairs, Hammerite direct to rust metal paint gives excellent coverage of sharp edges without running or sagging and dries in just 2 hours
  • GENUINE HAMMERITE PAINT - the first and only specialist metalcare brand, Hammerite is a global brand leader. Founded in 1984 it quickly developed a mystique, as consumers found the unique formulation magically transforms rusty metal to look like new​

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About Hammerite paint

This metal paint comes in several variations. Below is a selection of them;

  1. Direct to rust paint

This paint is corrosion resistant and can be applied directly to rusty surfaces. It comes in the usual liquid paint form and aerosol form. The liquid form is packaged in 250 ml, 500ml, 750 ml, 1 litre, 2.5 litre and 5-litre cans while the aerosol is available in a 400-ml spray can.

These are the standard sizes of Hammerite products. This Hammerite paint comes in up to 12 colour variations. It also comes in smooth, satin and hammered finishes.

Garage door paint

This paint is specifically formulated for use on metal doors. It comes in 6 colour variations. It is available in the before mentioned liquid paint can sizes.

Barbecue aerosol paint

Available only in a 400-ml aerosol container, this paint is specially formulated to be used for painting barbecues. It is resistant to temperatures of up to 600 ºC and is only available in the colour black. It is however unsuitable for painting the inside of your barbecue.

Direct to galvanized paint

This paint is suitable for use on metals that are not susceptible to rust such as galvanized steel and aluminium. It comes in six colour variations and the various standard liquid paint sizes.

Radiator paint

This Hammerite paint comes in liquid and aerosol form. Also, it comes in a variety of sizes, colours, and finishes. The different variants of this paint include the quick-drying radiator paint and the radiator enamel aerosol.

Hammerite Paint

Uses and applications of Hammerite paint

Hammerite paint can be used when dealing with metal surfaces, plastics, and even wood. The most popular of the Hammerite products is direct to rust paint. This is due to its anti-corrosion properties that make it possible to apply it directly to rusty surfaces.

It is suitable for restoring old railings, benches and gardening furniture that are susceptible to rust. It can also be used on some plastics and wood. When using this type of paint, you don’t need to use any primer or undercoat. This can be a great time saver and also saves money.

You should just apply it directly to the surface after removing any loose rust. This Hammerite paint takes around 2 hours to dry and can be applied using a brush or roller. For best results, you should repaint twice and wait around 4 hours before repainting.

Direct to rust paint

The direct to rust paint guarantees up to 8 years of protection. On the other hand, the direct to metal paint offers 5 years of protection. It takes around 4 hours to dry. When using this paint, you should wait for 6 hours before you repaint. It, however, does not require a second coating to be efficient.

As with other Hammerite products, no primer or undercoating is required when using this paint. It is suitable for any metal that does not rust. There are also special metal paints that are suitable for specific surfaces.

High heat paint

Such a paint is the high heat paint aerosol which is especially suited for surfaces that endure high temperature. These surfaces include fire surrounds. The standard 400ml spray can of this paint paints up to 1 square meter.

This paint takes around 30 minutes to dry.  When using it, you should wait for around 15 minutes before you repaint. These drying and waiting times also apply to the Hammerite barbecue paint. Other specialized paints include radiator paint and garage door.

The garage door paint is specifically known to reduce runs when applied on vertical surfaces. It takes about 4 hours to dry and allows repainting after 16 hours. The radiator paint requires 2 hours to dry and needs 4 hours for repainting to be possible.

This Hammerite paint is known for its heat resistance and low odour. It is perfect for painting not only radiators but also household water pipes.

Why Hammerite paint?

There are several reasons why you should use Hammerite paint. First of all, it has a proven track record in the metal paint industry. For 25 years, this brand has provided high-quality products. Additionally, Hammerite paints are 3 in 1.

They don’t require the use of any primer or undercoat. This saves you both time and money. Also, these paints usually produce such a good finish. Finally, Hammerite paints offer protection for up to 8 years, proving themselves to be durable and long-lasting.

Negatives of Hammerite paint

Unfortunately, like all products, Hammerite paint also has its limitations. For instance, the liquid paint is usually very thick and therefore needs some effort to spread out. Additionally, at some temperatures, Hammerite paint can take a very long time to dry.


In my opinion, Hammerite paint is hands down one of the best paints on the market today. It works well while saving you both time and money. People who love undertaking painting projects will find this paint helpful. To learn more about this paint, check out the video below.

The bottom line

Although Hammerite paint has a few quirks, its pros greatly outweigh its cons. It is currently the only paint on the market that uses Dual technology, protecting your metal from both rust and moisture. Coupled with its 3 in 1 nature, this paint is a worthy investment.

Undoubtedly, Hammerite’s 25-year track record of providing high-quality paint is not about to be broken anytime soon.

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  1. Hi Mike, I really liked your article on Hammerite paints, thanks. I have to cut down some metal gabion wire baskets to finish a garden wall job. I was wondering whether Hammerite Ultima would be the best paint to put on the cut ends.

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